How to Not Suck at Maths (Thread)

Maths is always one of the most dreaded subject in schools for the kids.

At times this fear continues in college too.

People waste their 4 years getting a useless Liberal Arts degree cause they couldn't do Maths and hence opted out of any useful subject.
Why Maths Matters ?

It's the language of the universe. The universe converses in numbers. The golden ratio is perfect example of same.
But what if you don’t want to be Mathematician ?

Do you lift weights cause you want to be a weightlifter or learn to cook cause you want to be a chef?

Fuck no, they are basic life skills; so is Maths.
Check out this video for the power of Mathematical Thinking.
Why people suck at Maths in first place ?

Two reasons-

1) You got bad teachers

2) You didn’t do it the right way.
Once you get weak at Maths, the gaps that got formed, amplify with each passing grade.

It becomes a vicious cycle, you suck at Maths => you don’t practise and study it enough => you start sucking more at Maths !
So, how not to suck at Maths ?

Solve the reasons !

1) You got bad teachers.

Ditch them, learn by the best @khanacademy

As @naval says, “Technology democratizes consumption but consolidates production. The best person in the world for anything, gets to do it for everyone.”
2) You didn’t do it the right way.

Let’s start doing it the right way.

1.1) Go for mastery rather than the illusion of knowledge.

Keep working on similar problems first and then move to complex ones.

Also, rather than doing 20 problems of same type, it’s better to do 5 of each kind in a mixed sets of 4 !

To quote @naval “Solve via iteration. Then get paid via repetition.”
2) Resist the urge to watch solution or ask for help

Don’t go to your teacher and say with a wave of hand “I am not getting it”

Identify which step you’re not getting. Why you’re not getting ? What you’re not getting !

Fix a certain time period to work on a problem, once you have exhausted that only seek external help.

Further, while watching a Step-by-Step guide, identify at which step you got stuck and why. Observe how the tutor navigates around that step
Follow these steps and you will surely nail that Maths test.

Being good at Maths is a superpower. Learn it and go save the world !

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