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🎥 What YouTube channels to follow to learn deep learning research? Here's a thread of awesome YouTube channels we've been watching for a while.

We started linking their YouTube videos to
Let us know if we missed any cool channels.


Yannic Kilcher @ykilcher
⏰~50 min long

His explanations of latest AI papers are awesome. Videos walk through the papers in detail with side notes and highlighting.

3/5 The AI Epiphany @gordic_aleksa
⏰ ~40 min long

He started discussing latest research about 6 months ago. His videos walk through the papers in detail with notes. He sometimes do coding projects as well.

4/5 Henry AI Labs @labs_henry
⏰ ~15 min long

They have a mix of paper explanations, Keras tutorials and weekly updates on new papers published. Paper explanations use slides and cover the important points of the paper.

5/5 Two Minute Papers @twominutepapers
⏰ ~8 min long

They cover of highlights of papers in interesting short videos that are easy to understand. They seem to focus on vision and graphics related research.

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