Twitter is free university.

But 98.8% forget 20% of what they read.

Here are 10 threads you must re-read:

Topic: Mitesh Sir's Expiry Trading Tricks

Topic: Where to start learning about trading?

Topic: How to filter stocks for Intraday Trading

Topic: How to trade in rising premiums

Topic: Trading Mistakes and lessons learnt from them

Topic: Chart learning course on price action

Topic: Pro Tips to improve your trading

Topic: Nicholas Darvas Box Theory

Topic: Basics of personal finance

Topic: Breakdown on Option Synthetics

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@AdityaTodmal & @niki_poojary

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Curated tweets of @sourabhsiso19

Found awesome content: ⏬
1. Moneycontrol
2. Bank nifty Strangles/Straddles
3. Learnings
4. Expiry Trading
5. Directional trading
6. Long Term Investing
7. Pivot system
8. DHS pattern
9. Multiple trade management threads/ways.

Moneycontrol article on @sourabhsiso19

What Sourabh does and how to trade like him?

Why trade multiple systems? ⏬
1. Keeps drawdown at minimum.
2. Strong money management can be applied.
3. Better psychology.

Thread on how options allow you to change your positions in a dynamic manner.

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