Wiley buys Hindawi -- a $298 million acquisition for GBP 25 million in annual APC revenues -- in bid to expand open-access platforms @pbasken

I'm really fascinated by several things about this acquisition. 1. One could posit that APC business models in structural decline as they are replaced by transformative agreements. Will Hindawi titles be folded into Wiley TA's or offered as a separate "pure publish" model?
2. Seems that there is little concern about geopolitical risk: "Wiley…saw value in Hindawi’s strong position in Asia, the world’s largest and fastest growing academic publishing market…“Hindawi’s significant footprint in in China is a major benefit from that perspective”"
3. It seems some in the academic community continue to be "alarmed" when, after taking advantage of private capital to fund commercial start-ups for open access services (bepress; SSRN; now Hindawi), that capital looks to sell in search of returns. As if this is a surprise!
4. Most interesting will be to see how this expansion of Wiley's OA portfolio and platforms/workflows/services can connect with its important businesses in support of society publishing.
5. "Wiley anticipates achieving significant revenue synergies from the expansion of its open access journal portfolio and its beneficial impact on article cascade, added publishing capacity, and upsell opportunities for publishing and platform services." https://t.co/rKnTb0TqCG
6. "If Zoom calls with MDPI and PLOS aren’t being scheduled now by Elsevier, Springer Nature, or Taylor & Francis, I’d be surprised." Maybe not literally PLOS as an NFP but definitely consolidation will continue apace. https://t.co/ocpqfOiSuS
7. Very important to recognize, as does @lorcanD, that both Wiley and Hindawi are not just publishers but also platform developers and providers: https://t.co/TWJhfkYZxZ
8. Plan S collateral damage? @RouhiRoo is right to ask where the ecosystem is heading for "independents" https://t.co/gf9fJb1jmW

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1/ My Mission: To Spread Financial Wellness (thread)

Here’s what "financial wellness" means to me


2/ Mindset

Humans are programmed to think short-term

Evolutionary, thinking short-term makes sense. It helps with survival.

Financial wellness is all about training yourself to develop a long-term mindset

Not easy -- it takes practice

3/ Mindset

If you join the right tribes, you can’t help but improve

My favs:

Twitter / Podcasts / Blogs / YouTube -- when used correctly -- are amazing

4/ Mindset

Educate yourself - constantly!

Especially about:


These 3 categories have an outsized influence on all areas of your life


5/ Career

In the beginning, focus on growing your income

Do more than what is expected

Become a lynchpin

Find a career that you ENJOY (<- important!) that also has high-income potential

Start a side hustle (<- important!)

Build your talent
@LaurusLabs #lauruslabs #Q3marketupdates #Q3investorpresentations
Q3fy21/20 in crs
Rev 1288/730 ,up 76%
Ebidta 433/150
PAT 273/73 ,up 274%
EPS 5.1/1.4

Generic API growth 103% yoy
ARVs up 175% yoy
Generic FDF up 47%
Custom synthesis up 63% yoy
Onco API growth 36%

Generic APIs
Commercialized 60+ products
61 DMFs filed

Generic FDF
Filed 26 ANDAs with USFDA
9 final & 8 tentative approvals
Filed 12 dossiers in Canada, 9 in EU ,8 with WHO,2 in
https://t.co/Q35cgK2hvy, 2 in India

Laurus Synthesis
CDMO services for Global pharma
Steroids,hormone mftg
Speciality ingredients in Nutraceuticals,dietary,cosmetics

Commercial scale mfg,clinical phase supplies,Analytics & research

API validation plannd in Unit 5
Optalmic initiated
LSPL-API validatn planned

Revenue breakup in crs
Generic API 731/360
Generic FDF 430/292
Synthesis 127/78

Generic API
ARV 568/214
Onco 64/47
Other 99/99

Generic FDF 430/292

Entered in longterm partnership with leading generic player in EU for contract mfg

Synthesis CDMO 127/78 crs

Synthesis CDMO
Revenue from custom synthesis, strong growth 63% yoy
Total active projects in CDMO stood at 49 in Q3
Partnered Large global pharma & mid ,small biotech companies
Commercial supplies ongoing for 4 products

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@EricTopol @NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad B.1.1.7 reveals clearly that SARS-CoV-2 is reverting to its original pre-outbreak condition, i.e. adapted to transgenic hACE2 mice (either Baric's BALB/c ones or others used at WIV labs during chimeric bat coronavirus experiments aimed at developing a pan betacoronavirus vaccine)

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 1. From Day 1, SARS-COV-2 was very well adapted to humans .....and transgenic hACE2 Mice

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad 2. High Probability of serial passaging in Transgenic Mice expressing hACE2 in genesis of SARS-COV-2

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad B.1.1.7 has an unusually large number of genetic changes, ... found to date in mouse-adapted SARS-CoV2 and is also seen in ferret infections.

@NBA @StephenKissler @yhgrad We adapted a clinical isolate of SARS-CoV-2 by serial passaging in the ... Thus, this mouse-adapted strain and associated challenge model should be ... (B) SARS-CoV-2 genomic RNA loads in mouse lung homogenates at P0 to P6.
"I really want to break into Product Management"

make products.

"If only someone would tell me how I can get a startup to notice me."

Make Products.

"I guess it's impossible and I'll never break into the industry."


Courtesy of @edbrisson's wonderful thread on breaking into comics –
https://t.co/TgNblNSCBj – here is why the same applies to Product Management, too.

There is no better way of learning the craft of product, or proving your potential to employers, than just doing it.

You do not need anybody's permission. We don't have diplomas, nor doctorates. We can barely agree on a single standard of what a Product Manager is supposed to do.

But – there is at least one blindingly obvious industry consensus – a Product Manager makes Products.

And they don't need to be kept at the exact right temperature, given endless resource, or carefully protected in order to do this.

They find their own way.