To Hindu diaspora,

You chose to migrate to West/US due to "lack of opportunities in India" or to realize American dreams - This decision of yours was NOT dictated by India's national interests but your personal interests & we common Indians did NOT play any role.

Now, you find yourself MORE closer to West/US values than Indian/Hindu values.

I understand you live under constant PRESSURE to prove your loyalties towards West/US & that's why you ask India to take side of West/US on EVERY issue WITHOUT even thinking about India's interests.
I also understand you fear losing your jobs/green card, racial attacks or backlash like how Rishi Sunak's wife faced in UK if you do NOT toe the line of your host country/US - But responsibilities of all these consequences lies on your OWN shoulders, NOT on Indian citizens.
As you are now MORE closer to West/US values, your idea of Hinduism is now influenced by Western liberalism - Your Hinduism allows you to eat cow beef burger.

Whereas, India's Hinduism is based on वेद/पुराण/उपनिषद/महाभारत/रामायण - This does NOT allow us to eat cow beef burger.
Majority of you even do NOT visit India regularly, your children was NOT born in India & neither can speaks India's local language or understand Hindu traditions - Still you think you practice/know Hinduism BETTER than Indian Hindus.
You want to "civilize/modernize" Indian Hindus by imposing your idea of Hinduism which is based on Western liberal values - Just like how British Raj tried.

And, just like Whites, you also think Indian Hindus are NOT capable to decide their own future or well being.
To justify your decision of migration - Every single day one of you write/comment in West/US media/social media explaining how bad India is doing or how we Hindus are going into wrong direction.

Do you really think we do NOT know our well being or will destroy our own country ?
Jews diaspora speak for Jews community, highlight anti-semitism & support Israel,

Muslim diaspora speak for Muslim community, highlight "islamophobia" & support Kashmir/Palestinian cause,

Sikh community speak for Sikh community & supports Khalistani cause,
But Hindu diaspora NEVER speak for Hindu community & neither highlight persecution of Hindus.

Instead of highlighting the atrocities Hindus suffered during Islamic/British rule - You say Islamic rulers brought Biryani & built Taj Mahal & British brought Democracy to India.
You do NOT shy away from criticizing Hindu Holy Books & labeling it as "patriarchal/regressive" ignoring the FACT that Hindus worship female/black gods & NONE of our Holy Book incite hate speech/violence against ANY community.

But you NEVER criticize anti-idol verses of Quran.
Look, you & your children's future lies with your host country/West/US & our future lies with India's future - We have DIFFERENT priorities.

You have your own values/worldview, we have our own.

You see things through West/US perspective, we see through Indian perspective.
So, it's our humble request that if you can NOT share our pain/feelings then please do NOT rub salts on our wounds.

There are billion of us who are STAYING here in India & committed to protect our thousands of years old Hindu civilization.

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अस्य श्री गायत्री ध्यान श्लोक:
(gAyatri dhyAna shlOka)
• This shloka to meditate personified form of वेदमाता गायत्री was given by Bhagwaan Brahma to Sage yAgnavalkya (याज्ञवल्क्य).

• 14th shloka of गायत्री कवचम् which is taken from वशिष्ठ संहिता, goes as follows..

• मुक्ता-विद्रुम-हेम-नील धवलच्छायैर्मुखस्त्रीक्षणै:।
muktA vidruma hEma nIla dhavalachhAyaiH mukhaistrlkShaNaiH.

• युक्तामिन्दुकला-निबद्धमुकुटां तत्वार्थवर्णात्मिकाम्॥
yuktAmindukalA nibaddha makutAm tatvArtha varNAtmikam.

• गायत्रीं वरदाभयाङ्कुश कशां शुभ्रं कपालं गदाम्।
gAyatrIm vardAbhayANkusha kashAm shubhram kapAlam gadAm.

• शंखं चक्रमथारविन्दयुगलं हस्तैर्वहन्ती भजै॥
shankham chakramathArvinda yugalam hastairvahantIm bhajE.

This shloka describes the form of वेदमाता गायत्री.

• It says, "She has five faces which shine with the colours of a Pearl 'मुक्ता', Coral 'विद्रुम', Gold 'हेम्', Sapphire 'नील्', & a Diamond 'धवलम्'.

• These five faces are symbolic of the five primordial elements called पञ्चमहाभूत:' which makes up the entire existence.

• These are the elements of SPACE, FIRE, WIND, EARTH & WATER.

• All these five faces shine with three eyes 'त्रिक्षणै:'.