Figure a lot of people have a lot of questions right now so thought a quick thread signposting to where what info we have is might be helpful...

This is the current law on travel restrictions, in force now. It includes a legal ban on travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and in and out of council areas in levels three and four, without a “reasonable excuse”
Again the cross-border travel laws are in force *now* - the plan was they would be relaxed for Christmas, the change is that they now will not. Travel *within* Scotland permitted on Christmas Day - but next day whole mainland goes into L4, which means no movement between councils
There are a LOT of potential exemptions included in the travel-ban regulations and the list is non-exhaustive. *As it stands* I haven’t heard any talk of removing specific exemptions, just of potentially toughening enforcement.
“Toughening enforcement” might just mean “starting some enforcement” because police insist their approach didn’t change when the law came in. They are not setting up roadblocks or spot checks, they mainly just occasionally fine people they stumble across who are clearly in breach
The Scottish government guidance page on travel is here, incidentally, although at time of writing hasn’t been updated since 14 December. Hopefully any changes will be reflected there in short order.
The guidance page for Christmas generally is here, but again is in the process of being updated in light of the latest changes:
Not to give away any trade secrets but anything particularly significant in terms of *new* or changed guidance is likely to pop up on the Publications page of the ScotGov website. Journalists spend roughly 30% of their average day refreshing it.
There IS going to have to be a change in the regs to strip the festive easing period back from 5 days to 1 - yes there’s literally Christmas law - those amendments should (hopefully) show up shortly, and we’ll know for definite at that point whether any exemptions etc changing.
There isn’t going to be specific guidance for every person’s exact circumstances but hopefully between whats specified in the law and updates to govt guidance, folk can find or work out some answers - obvs also keep an eye on the usual folk in govt for clarifications etc

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