WATCH LIVE NOW: Premier @jkenney expected to address reports of staffers, politicians travelling abroad:

@jkenney The presser has been pushed back to 12:30 p.m.
@jkenney WATCH LIVE NOW (For real this time)
@jkenney Kenney starts by offering condolences of family and friends of Sgt. Harnett.
@jkenney He didn't acknowledge the fact the press conference started 40 minutes late.
@jkenney Kenney now talking about international travel. Says his government used "targeted restrictions" to battle COVID-19, one of those is asking people not to travel.
@jkenney Kenney touting the international travel pilot project around testing, says some 20,000 people took part. Launched safe travel program between Alberta and Hawaii, can get a test before leaving.
@jkenney Kenney says his government has consistently been against inter-provincial travel bans. "Alberta has sought to support and facilitate safe travel."
@jkenney If we suspend all travel, Kenney doesn't think @WestJet would surive. "These are some of the reasons why we have promoted safe travel."
@jkenney @WestJet Travel has been less of a source of transmission than going to the grocery store, says Kenney. He notes tens of thousands are currently out of the province in warmer climes.
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says there is no public health order barring travel.
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says he was made aware on Tuesday that Minister Tracy Allard was "in the United States" and asked her to return immediately.
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says he recognizes those in the public sphere must maintain a higher standard. Says he takes responsibility for not setting edict that senior politicians don't travel.
@jkenney @WestJet "We should be here at home, plain and simple, if we are in a position of trust." says Kenney, there is now a rule saying no travel. Says he can't sanction those who already did in good faith.
@jkenney @WestJet Q: Press secretaries didn't respond to repeated requests for comment, are they allowed to talk to the media
A: Of course they're allowed
@jkenney @WestJet Q: With most of us sitting here binge watching movies, why do we have to have a clear directive for your MLAs to have the moral compass not to travel overseas?
A: I think it was a significant error in judgement. Not reasonable to sanction those who followed health measures
@jkenney @WestJet Q: Why are front line health care workers down the queue for vaccinations? Why are there not 24-hour vaccinations?
A: Kenney says he knows of doctors who have said they were happy to get their first dose.
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney adds that Alberta didn't expect to get vaccines by the end of the year, is part of the reason why rollout has been slow.
@jkenney @WestJet Q: Did your chief of staff travel to the U.K. in December? Recommendations say no travel, how do you square that?
A: Yes, his chief of staff was in the U.K., came back on Boxing Day, in 14-days of isolation. Other staff and senior officials also traveled
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says he "regrets" not being more clear with staff and politicians telling them not to travel. Says yes there are recommendations not to travel but there are tens of thousands of people are outside the country. Says what is essential is "subjective."
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says they have no legal power to compel people not to leave the country. Says that is a federal authority "they have not exercised" #ableg
@jkenney @WestJet Q: Isn't Minister Allard different because she is head of provincial emergency management? How long was she gone?
A: "She should have stayed her efor obvious reasons." Says she left Dec. 19, he learned on Dec. 29, contacted her and expressed concern and disappointment"
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney says Allard is in no way involved with vaccine rollout.
@jkenney @WestJet Q: You weren't aware Allard was out of the country until Tues. did you know other staff was traveling? Who else traveled?
A: Didn't know about anyone traveling until this week. Says Caucus Whip "strongly urged" UCP MLAs not to travel. Doesn't have list of who traveled.
@jkenney @WestJet Kenney ends the press conference with "Happy New Year everyone."
@jkenney @WestJet STORY: Premier Kenney refuses to discipline Alberta MLAs, government staff over international travel:

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All the challenges to Leader Pelosi are coming from her right, in an apparent effort to make the party even more conservative and bent toward corporate interests.

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Otherwise it’s a just new figure with the same problems.

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