One of an interesting thing in Current stock market,is as soon as Saturn progressing after Retrogression phase, gained the speed in trine to Rahu - Both raw Metals & oil prices are doing good. At the sametime Rahu trine alignment with Jupiter has also boomed the bank market.

Trine movement of Rahu along with Saturn and Jupiter has broken all the bullish trend setter records and amplified the internal economy. In March 2020, Pluto, Ketu and Mars has totally shaken the market into bearish trend.Keep Remember Rahu is trend setter - Strong Bearish,
Ketu - is Trend breaker- Strong bearish.

Untill and unless Jupiter is keep moving aggressively without any affliction with Atichari Motion market will keep booming.

Period of Affliction will start from 21 December 2020 onward & when Sun will Join Jupiter in January 2021
Jupiter will be in its most aggressive motion, This is the period when Market will start fluctuating real bad in January month upto Feburary 2021 period.
From 4th of January 2021 onward upto 28th January, 10th Feburary 2021, as soon as venus moves toward dhanu & Capricorn, when complete Sarpa dosha will begin, Jupiter will be in super speed with Sun, there will be heavy conjunction of 6 planet's form in Capricorn-
Market trend will start changing into bearish mode - Do not forget Capricorn is the only sign which has strong capability to change the already running or set mode (Bullish Mode ), that what we have seen in March - April 2020.
Overall change in market scenario will happen
Only Difference in March-April 2020 Fall & November-December 2020 conjunction is Durung market fall - Mars, Ketu & pluto were Jointly helped each other in breaking the Market trend.Rahu & ketu were in Dual sign of Gemini-Ketu has always given problem in economy in past years
Now Rahu and Ketu have left the Gemini-Saggitaurs sign- Rahu is in kaal Purush sign of Taurus- Wealth sign of 2nd house is helping in amplification of economy and stock market , Even indian market goes in bearish trend around January-Feburary 2021
It will again regain its strength, market will get stablise, after some correction when Jupiter will move in Aquarius sign.

Here Rahu is act like a catalytic factor in balancing the market and wealth and economical scenario of whole world.

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TradingView isn't just charts

It's much more powerful than you think

9 things TradingView can do, you'll wish you knew yesterday: 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1/ Free Multi Timeframe Analysis

Step 1. Download Vivaldi Browser

Step 2. Login to trading view

Step 3. Open bank nifty chart in 4 separate windows

Step 4. Click on the first tab and shift + click by mouse on the last tab.

Step 5. Select "Tile all 4 tabs"

What happens is you get 4 charts joint on one screen.

Refer to the attached picture.

The best part about this is this is absolutely free to do.

Also, do note:

I do not have the paid version of trading view.

2/ Free Multiple Watchlists

Go through this informative thread where @sarosijghosh teaches you how to create multiple free watchlists in the free

3/ Free Segregation into different headers/sectors

You can create multiple sections sector-wise for free.

1. Long tap on any index/stock and click on "Add section above."
2. Secgregate the stocks/indices based on where they belong.

Kinda like how I did in the picture below.

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Rig Ved 1.36.7

To do a Namaskaar or bow before someone means that you are humble or without pride and ego. This means that we politely bow before you since you are better than me. Pranipaat(प्राणीपात) also means the same that we respect you without any vanity.


Surrendering False pride is Namaskaar. Even in devotion or bhakti we say the same thing. We want to convey to Ishwar that we have nothing to offer but we leave all our pride and offer you ourselves without any pride in our body. You destroy all our evil karma.


We bow before you so that you assimilate us and make us that capable. Destruction of our evils and surrender is Namaskaar. Therefore we pray same thing before and after any big rituals.


तं घे॑मि॒त्था न॑म॒स्विन॒ उप॑ स्व॒राज॑मासते ।
होत्रा॑भिर॒ग्निं मनु॑षः॒ समिं॑धते तिति॒र्वांसो॒ अति॒ स्रिधः॑॥

Translation :

नमस्विनः - To bow.

स्वराजम् - Self illuminating.

तम् - His.

घ ईम् - Yours.

इत्था - This way.

उप - Upaasana.

आसते - To do.

स्त्रिधः - For enemies.


अति तितिर्वांसः - To defeat fast.

मनुषः - Yajman.

होत्राभिः - In seven numbers.

अग्निम् - Agnidev.

समिन्धते - Illuminated on all sides.

Explanation : Yajmans bow(do Namaskaar) before self illuminating Agnidev by making the offerings of Havi.