I am a student of DHSK college, Dibrugarh. I belong to 1 st Sem , History Department. And my generic subject is Political Science. Our history professor Mr Abhijit Baruah on our first day said
1) You Hindus don't have any history
2) If you want to study real history contd...

then study Islamic& European history.
3) He is a hardcore communist ( urban naxal I must say )

4) He says you hindu people don't have any history coz you people were busy writing about your imaginary Gods.

5 ) He says us to read history books of Romilla Thapar ( hindu hater)
He is brainwashing students since 80s. Another professor Mr Biraj Dutta says "we need revolution. Ami Delhi r sorkar uforai pelabo lgibo " Another Comrade professor Mr Sun Gogoi of Pol Sc. Dept says Urban Naxal is a derogatory term used by fascist Hindutva goons to defame (3)
Students of JNU and overall all the student community. He says Lala Lajpat Rai & all the nationalist politicians of that time were casteist including former President of India Mr Rajendra Prasad.

Now the historic DHSK college & all the college's of Assam may doing this from (4)
a long time. Now what should I do ? Should I stand against them. Should I oppose them ? My inner Hindu does not allow me to tolerate anymore.
Should I complain ? But to whom ? Anyone can be an Urban Naxal . Whom to believe? Should I think about my career & keep quite (5)
and bow down to this comrades ? I feel like a #BuddhaInATrafficJam
@vivej . And this my personal story in a small town of Dibrugarh in the state of Assam.
Can you guys suggest me anything ? @BikashRon @doctorNIKUMONI @RNDTV_ravi @vibrant_soul__ @baruahrana123 @Quantilafreedom @jai_axom_ @TheSicario5 @DipankarDeka0 @amitvikram108 @VoiceOfAxom
Some proofs about our professor Mr Abhijit Baruah (8)
He hates India & Indian Army.
@vivekagnihotri @DrSanjibG @AnOpenLetter001 @shambhav15 @OpIndia_com @SwarajyaMag @SudhanshuTrived @sambitswaraj @Swamy39
@sarbanandsonwal @cmoassam @himantabiswa

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