II ऋग्वेदीय सूर्यसूक्तम् II
Đ Essence of Sūrya in Vedas :

The Vedas worship the Sun, Surya, as the source of light for the entire world. But for the Vedic people, light is not a material force but a power of life, love & intelligence. Nor is the Sun a


distant entity unrelated to us. It has a presence on earth through the power of its rays, which not only pervade our environment but also touch our very hearts. By the Sun the Vedas don’t simply refer to the outer luminary, the central star of our solar system. They mean the
principle of light & consciousness on a universal level, of which the Sun is our local representative.
ऋग्वेदीय सूर्यसूक्तम्
Mandala 1, Sukta 115.

चि॒त्रं दे॒वाना॒मुद॑गा॒दनी॑कं॒ चक्षु॑र्मि॒त्रस्य॒ वरु॑णस्या॒ग्नेः ।
आप्रा॒ द्यावा॑पृथि॒वी अ॒न्तरि॑क्षं॒ सूर्य॑ आ॒त्मा जग॑तस्त॒स्थुष॑श्च ॥ १.११५.०१

A group of bright golden or zodiacal deities is emerging as a solarium. These
are Mitra, Varuna, Agni and Jyotirmaya Eye, the publisher of the entire world. They have risen and filled the Dulok, Earth and space with their resplendent glory. The Sun that is in this circle, because they are transcendental, they are the inspiring Gods of all and are the
universe and the immovable creative soul.

सूर्यो॑ दे॒वीमु॒षसं॒ रोच॑मानां॒ मर्यो॒ न योषा॑म॒भ्ये॑ति प॒श्चात् ।
यत्रा॒ नरो॑ देव॒यन्तो॑ यु॒गानि॑ वितन्व॒ते प्रति॑ भ॒द्राय॑ भ॒द्रम् ॥ १.११५.०२

The Sun follows behind the virtuous and bright Ushadevi, like a man following the most
beautiful young woman. When the beautiful Usha appears, then the hardworking people perform their duty to worship the Sun God. Surya is welfare and worshiped.
भ॒द्रा अश्वा॑ ह॒रितः॒ सूर्य॑स्य चि॒त्रा एत॑ग्वा अनु॒माद्या॑सः ।
न॒म॒स्यन्तो॑ दि॒व आ पृ॒ष्ठम॑स्थुः॒ परि॒ द्यावा॑पृथि॒वी य॑न्ति स॒द्यः ॥ १.११५.०३

Auspicious are the Sun's Bay-coloured Horses, bright, changing hues, meet for our shouts of triumph. Bearing our prayers, the sky's
ridge have they mounted, and in a moment speed round earth and heaven.

तत्सूर्य॑स्य देव॒त्वं तन्म॑हि॒त्वं म॒ध्या कर्तो॒र्वित॑तं॒ सं ज॑भार ।
य॒देदयु॑क्त ह॒रितः॑ स॒धस्था॒दाद्रात्री॒ वास॑स्तनुते सि॒मस्मै॑ ॥ १.११५.०४

It is the divinity and importance of the supreme motivational sun
that they start, but leave their immortal creed as they go, & go astray, & absorb their rays from this world. At the same time, they pull their rays and horses from one place and appoint them at another place. At the same time, D night covers everyone from the cover of darkness.
तन्मि॒त्रस्य॒ वरु॑णस्याभि॒चक्षे॒ सूर्यो॑ रू॒पं कृ॑णुते॒ द्योरु॒पस्थे॑ ।
अ॒न॒न्तम॒न्यद्रुश॑दस्य॒ पाजः॑ कृ॒ष्णम॒न्यद्ध॒रितः॒ सं भ॑रन्ति ॥ १.११५.०५

Motivational Surya in the morning reveals his illuminator form in the celestial sky to illuminate his friends, Varuna and the whole
world.Their rasmophilis or green horses are the creation of a bright bright dark glow capable of stopping the dark night.

अ॒द्या दे॑वा॒ उदि॑ता॒ सूर्य॑स्य॒ निरंह॑सः पिपृ॒ता निर॑व॒द्यात् ।
तन्नो॑ मि॒त्रो वरु॑णो मामहन्ता॒मदि॑तिः॒ सिन्धुः॑ पृथि॒वी उ॒त द्यौः ॥ १.११५.०६

O luminous
sun god, today, at sunrise, you may be scattered here and save us from our sins. Not only from sin, everything that is blasphemy, is sorrowful, sorrow is impure, protect us all. Everything we have said; Friends, Varuna, Aditi, Indus,Prithvi & Prithvi Deity of Dulok respect him,
approve, they also protect us.

II ॐ हराम हरिम ह्रौं सह सूर्याय नमः II
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I had written this thread in refutation to your false claims which you had made from your previous account and you had even quoted it from your old account and now you are lying that you didn't know about this thread?
Are you trying to say the Verse of Quran i had mentioned

in the thread is false? If that's your claim then say it clearly that all the verses of Quran and hadiths are false which talks about equality and your propaganda is the ultimate truth and hidden secret of Islam.
a) If you are trying to say that just being born in a Quraysh tribe

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