* #Gratitude*
I keep a "memory jar" for each year wherein I write in brief the best moments of my life & lessons learnt. Even a small event which taught me something goes in it .
I strongly believe in " No regrets, only lessons learnt ".
( That's handpainted by me! :) )

Occasionally when I have a rough day or when I am elated , I go through the chits one by one savouring the lessons learnt . It keeps me grounded. Makes me realise I am blessed to have had so many #memories & grown as a person and that life is beautiful !! 😇
Things that happen to us, just happen. It is we who perceive it to be good or bad as per our emotions at play. It is then that practising gratitude becomes of utmost importance for we need to realign our thoughts towards #positivity& #contentment & steer away from negativity.
Life can be cruel but it is also beautiful if we learn to be thankful.
Are we thankful for the hot food on our plate ? Did we realise we can see the beauty of nature only due to the gift of vision bestowed upon us? Are we thankful each day for having a sound mind?
Let's stop complaining about all that we don't have and instead focus on all that we are fortunate to have !! For no matter how difficult our life seems for us , let's remember there will ALWAYS be someone who would gladly switch places with us and live our life happily!
#Perspective matters - "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."
- Helen Keller

#gratitude , let's make that our Attitude now and exude positivity and gratefulness always!!! 😇


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