Difference between wealth and money.

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1/ As the oxygen crisis during 2nd covid wave in India has reiterated,

wealth = *stuff* we want
money = *numbers* in our bank
2/ Being wealthy is a matter of priorities, while being rich is a matter of luck and hard work.
3/ Our happiness and well being depends on the wealth we have, not the money.

One can have all the money in the world and still be miserable.

However if one has sufficient wealth, happiness is guaranteed (partly because that’s how wealth is defined).
4/ Here’s how to be wealthy without spending a dime:

- Exercise regularly
- Develop deep relationships
- Help other people
- Eat healthy
- Meditate
- Learn and develop skills
- Laugh
5/ Being wealthy doesn’t require a lot of money because most things worth having in life are either cheap (due to market forces) or things that money can’t buy (like love and health).
6/ It’s easy to waste an entire life confusing wealth with money.

Lack of clarity in this regard is the real cause of having regrets on deathbed.
7/ A society’s development can be measured by how much wealth does an average citizen has.

A monetarily rich nation that doesn’t have the stuff that its citizens want (say healthcare) is actually poorer to other nations that better prioritises stuff that its citizens want.
8/ If you take the monk’s point of view, wealth is really a state of mind. You’re infinitely wealthy if you desire nothing.

This suggests that one way to become wealthy is to lower expectations.
9/ That’s it.

Hope you enjoyed the thread.

If you have another insight on wealth vs money, do reply.

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