1/ I wanted to show you some sneak peek this week, but instead we DEPLOYED TO PRODUCTION 🔥😄

If you’re a creator, get an invite here 👉 https://t.co/D8H6g8TL9o

Week 2 highlights: our first ever podcast 🎙, meeting @Jason 🦄, shipping @BREWdotcom alpha 🚢 & laptop stickers!

2/ First off, thanks for the mind-blowing response last week (120k+ views 😲 omgwtfasdasd!)… absolutely pushed us to get the product out there.

also, there’s something magical about watching people try a buggy product and fixing it on the go 🤓 👾

3/ Thanks @JasonDemant for inviting us to grab some behind the scenes at @LAUNCH.

As a huge fan and avid listener of the @TWistartups show🎙, it was great watching @Jason do his thing live!
4/ 🎙@domainnamewire invited us to chat about acquiring https://t.co/GOQJ7L2faV domain and that was officially our first podcast ever. Check it out here: https://t.co/eusVCOlUSb.

You nailed it your first time, Maddy! 🍻 Thanks for having us on the show, Andrew.
5/ Great news: Brew partnered with @Tipalti to enable payouts for creators everywhere (unlike @kickstarter which only support 26 countries).

Platforms like Twitch use Tipalti to payout instantly and via multiple methods like Check, PayPal, local bank transfer, etc.
6/ Best thing in startups this week: #24hrstartup challenge!

Massive respect to my friends @Booligoosh, @thepatwalls, @matteing and rest of the makers who pulled this off. It was so much fun watching you build those products live. I feel like a slacker :)

Together we ship! 🚢
7/ And some great news in publishing: dutch-based TheCorrespondent raised half a million within 2 days after announcing in the US, entirely funded by their (future) readers. Congrats, @ejpfauth!

Can’t wait for this to become the norm.
8/ 🗣Unpopular opinion: mainstream adoption of paywall is great news for consumers.

Not only will it improve the quality of content and overall user experience, but it should also drive the subscription prices down.
9/ Currently it is high fixed cost to set up a paywall, and publishers are forced to squeeze more juice out of the paying audience 🍹

It’s no wonder conversion rates are appallingly low. Subscription prices are usually high, and so is the friction to support.
10/ At Brew, democratising paywall tech and removing all the friction b/w publishers and the audience is an important objective.

But is that our short term focus? Nope.
11/ I’ll say it — our short term goal is to help 2000 creators earn an average of $500/m by EOY 2019.

That is $1M monthly volume. This is ambitious but achievable, and sounds like a great start for what we’re set out to do.

Yeah, feel free to bookmark this tweet 🙈
12/ Next week:

📊 Some metrics for week 1 of alpha release (hopefully)

☕️ How we’re building some really cool features for creators without compromising the UX (🎁custom rewards, 🎽merchandising, 📰ad-free experience for publishers, 💻webhooks for makers…)
13/ Thanks for reading, and for all the support. Means the world to us 🙂

p.s our designers have some really cool laptop stickers in the works. Just drop a 👋 in the comments and I’ll hook you up when it's ready 👊 #brewingup 🍵

More from Makers

And here they are...


Remember, this money is just fun. If you launched a product (or even attempted a launch) - you did something worth MUCH more than $1,000.


The winners 👇


Lattes For Change - Skip a latte and save a life.


@frantzfries built a platform where you can see how skipping your morning latte could do for the world.

A great product for a great cause.

Congrats Chris on winning $250!


Instaland - Create amazing landing pages for your followers.


A team project! @bpmct and @BaileyPumfleet built a tool for social media influencers to create simple "swipe up" landing pages for followers.

Really impressive for 24 hours. Congrats!


SayHenlo - Chat without distractions


Built by @DaltonEdwards, it's a platform for combatting conversation overload. This product was also coded exclusively from an iPad 😲

Dalton is a beast. I'm so excited he placed in the top 10.


CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!


Built by @jesswallaceuk, the project is focused on highlighting the experience of developers and people learning to code.

I wish this existed when I learned to code! Congrats on $250!!
Results from yesterday’s poll. I’m inclined to agree. And this is something I’m going to fix in my next move.

As an indie maker you have a huge advantage if you can genuinely dogfood your product. Don’t do what I did and try to make a product for teams if you’re just one person. That’s really, really dumb 🙃

Before searching for product-market fit, ask yourself if you have founder-product fit. It is a humbling question but one worth investing the time to answer truthfully.

In hindsight, I have low founder-product fit with Talkshow. It’s for teams but I’m solo. It’s a big broad idea but as an indie I should be focused on a niche.

Just braindumping 🤪 Again thanks to @tylertringas for the micro-saas content on his blog, it helped me navigate / articulate some thoughts I was having.

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