I spent the last 13 years building a career at T-Mobile.

It changed my life, and tomorrow is my last day.

Here are 11 rules I learned to get you promoted and help you win at life:

Move With the Movers

Pay attention to the people getting new opportunities and advancing their careers.

Don't look at them as competition. Make them your friends.

Instead of asking for favors, find ways to support them and celebrate their successes.
Be an Excellent Teammate

Great leaders start as great teammates.

Look for ways to enrich the people on your team. Be the person who is always ready to help others get better.

You never know who is watching or the impact you will make on another person.
Find a Bad Ass Mentor

You need people on your side who will advocate for you when important decisions are being made.

Do not wait for people to pick you out of the crowd. This doesn't work.

Find opportunities to share your success and ask for feedback to help you grow.
Master Emotional Intelligence

The more responsibility you have, the more stressful your job can become.

Find productive ways to manage your stress so you can be at your best for your team.

You will never get a new job or client if you look overwhelmed with your current work.
Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Realize you are on a different journey than the people around you.

Comparing yourself to others is a path to being miserable.

Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.
Always Do What You Say You Will

This is the easiest way to build trust and stand out as someone reliable.

Don't wait for people to follow up with you.

Make sure following through on commitments becomes part of your brand.

It will show people you are ready for more.
Focus on Strengths

People who focus on strengths see themselves differently, their future differently, and others differently.

Focusing on the value of the people around you is a simple way to encourage them to use their strengths more often.
Think Three Moves Ahead

As you navigate your career and business, make sure you look at options that make sense for you.

Think about where you want to be in 5-10 years when deciding your next step.

Sometimes a step to the side, or slight pivot, is the right move.
Model the Change

Be the change you want to see in others.

If you aren't doing this, you are likely coming across as superficial.

All the networking and relationship building will be a waste of time if you can't deliver when it is time.
Default to Yes.

Get used to saying yes to challenges and opportunities--regardless of how big or small.

Saying no once can mean not getting a second chance.

These stretch opportunities are a great way to develop new skills and expand your network in a meaningful way.
I hope this helps a few of you win at life this November and beyond.

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