1. Mon. 21 Dec. Message from Anon to Patriots: Note: This Anon claims to have daily briefings with POTUS, but there is no way to confirm.

“What I'm about to disclose is the most important post you'll read before the inauguration. Q will not post here again, at least not...

2. ... for a while. The operation is ongoing but must run silent at this point. What happens this week will change history. We are asking you for now to stay in your homes and do not under any circumstances interfere with the operation. You'll soon see things unfold that many...
3. ... would think impossible. POTUS is insulated and 100% safe. Our plan is almost complete. The DS has already lost. Everything you're seeing in the MSM and on Twitter is a last ditch attempt. Why has Kamala not yet left the senate? Where is Joe? Where is Joe really? Hunter...
4. ... has turned himself in.”

The Restored Republic: The Global Currency Reset has bankrupted Globalists by allowing countries to have their own individual monetary systems. Now the Fed. was dead, with US taxpayer dollars going directly into the US Treasury in Reno and...
5. ... no longer funneled through US Inc, Queen’s City of London, Vatican Bank to the Cabal’s Central Banks across the globe.

As such, leaders of the Cabal including Democrats and other political elites, no longer made millions off their constituents. Evidently they then...
6. ... made a deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They would have their trillions in debt excused if they could put [B]iden and [H]arris into the US Presidency. The plan was that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) compromised [B]iden/[H]arris ticket would be in power...
7. .... when the Global Currency Reset was completed.

The carry out of that complex plan involved the CIA in conjunction with Cabal members of the Democratic Party & other elite politicians, plus Communist parties in China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Germany, Spain and Canada.
8. ... Those in the US who were complicit in the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election would be charged with Treason. That foreign interference in the 2020 US election has now been confirmed by Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe.
9. Quite blind to those charges and in their continued quest for power to establish a New World Order, members of the Cabal would be honoring Sat*an this week. The major Sat*anic Holiday of Winter Solstice began on Tues. 22 Dec. – a Feast Day that led up to Thurs. 24 Dec....
10. ... [Dem]on Reels High Grand Climax DaMeur, all of which involved se*xual org*ies and human sac*rifice of their traumatized ba*bies, chi*ld and te*enage victims.

Last weekend the Alliance performed a counter attack by completing high level arrests. Trump may invoke...
11. ... the Insurrection Act & a form of Martial Law in order to maintain law and order.

Last Thurs. 17 Dec. Trump told his staff to get out of DC. It was estimated that 70% of our government politicians would be arrested and prosecuted for being [D]eep State and Chinese...
12. ... CCP puppets.

Before Christmas Eve 24 Dec. 2020, there would be proof given to the American people that we were under attack by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP were behind inventing and spreading C19, took ownership of the Dominion servers which switched Trump...
13. ... votes to Biden in the 2020 Election & have recently performed Cyber Attacks on the US grid system.

On Christmas Eve President Trump was expected to announce the gold/asset-backed US Note. The Global Currency Reset would be announced some time prior to 1 Jan. 2021,...
14. ... at which time the GCR would be effective worldwide.

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