A thread on teaching live lessons using @MicrosoftTeams Meet Now function where students follow their normal timetable except online - will go into more detail on every point in a blog post later. Have used Teams for live teaching have supported over 100 live lessons since March

1. If you are using the desktop app, check you have the latest version of Teams so that you should have Breakout rooms enabled. Check by clicking your profile picture, then About - I have version If you have 1.2..., click on check for updates to get the latest
2. Set your entry routine. I get my students to enter with their microphone muted - you can also not allow attendees to unmute by opening the participants list, clicking the ellipsis and selecting that option.
3. Make sure students arrive as attendees - some organisations have this set up to automatically happen that only meeting organizer is the presenter and others are attendees. Can change this in the manage permissions menu to only me if not already set (opens in a web browser).
4. Classroom routine and expectations - first lesson I share my screen and show the students the raise hand function for when they want to ask questions, how to access the chat function and how to react to questions as opposed to typing answers
5. Sharing content #1: if you share your desktop you cannot see the chat, so a second screen or device is useful. Sharing a window just shares that app to the students and you can see the chat. If it includes sound, make sure to click include computer audio before sharing
6. Sharing content #2: you can upload your PowerPoint to OneDrive before your lesson. This allows you and your students to still see the chat. Make sure to change the setting at the top (eye icon) which stops students from jumping ahead in the presentation
7. Sharing content #3: you can upload any accompanying resources into the meeting chat. This uploads into the Teams Files and it editable by everyone (unless PDF). If you don't want to be be able to edit, upload the file into the Class Material folder & share link in chat
8: Record function: I have the instructional part at the start of my lesson and I record that keeping it under 7-8 minutes - drops into the chat during the lesson so students can refer back to it straight away. Click the ellipsis to access the more actions menu shown
9. Different views. You can see up 9 participants with cameras on in gallery view, up to 49 participants in large gallery and together mode sits people into a large theater. Change these views in the more actions menu, click the ellipsis (three dots) to access
10. Participant menu #1- hover to the right of any participant (over the microphone symbol) to bring up an ellipsis, click on it. Spotlight pins that attendees video for everyone to see, if you have multiple teachers on a lesson you can change them to be presenters.
11. Participant menu #2 - if you need to remove someone, change permissions (either 1. more actions menu, meeting actions or 2. participants list, manage permissions). Change the bypass lobby function to only me so that they can't just join back, they have to be left in by you
12.Participant menu #3 - download the attendance list before you end the meeting. This will be available in the Insights app, but can take up to 24 hours to appear
13. Breakout room: the icon for Breakout Rooms is the two square shown. Read more here https://t.co/qmyw3Xip8q
14. Ending the meeting. Click the down arrow to find the option for ending a meeting. If it is not there, open the more actions menu (ellipsis) and the end meting action is there. Ending meeting ends for all, leave means you have left students unattended on their own.
I've all my Teams notes here -> https://t.co/vO0n4h0IZL

My two blogs on synchronous and asynchronoues approaches are here -> https://t.co/FdBZgUKeHX

Any questions, fire away!
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