newly minted champion of hindus, sri sri @ncbn saar.. you might have forgotten we haven't.

your own "scheme" of Divya Darshanam i.e sending 1.3 lakh poor hindus to pilgrimage.

cost: 100 crs.

borne by - TTD & 7 major temples.

cost to tax-payer: 0. Z-E-R-O. 1+

Scheme -
RO plant at Srisailam.

Development works or Construction works at various temples across AP.

Kalyana Mantapas at various places in AP.

cost: a few hundred crores.

borne by: TTD

cost to tax-payer: 0. Z-E-R-O. 2+
Scheme -
Construction works at various temples across AP.

Kalyana Mantapas at various places in AP.

cost: a few hundred crores.

borne by: TTD

cost to tax-payer: 0. Z-E-R-O. 3+
Scheme -

Land for Bharat Electronics Ltd.

51 acres.

borne by: TTD

cost to tax-payer: 0. Z-E-R-O. 4+
Scheme -

Venkateswara Swamy temple at Amaravati. in CRDA limits.

Cost: 50 lakh per acre.

borne by; TTD

cost to tax-payer: 0. Z-E-R-O. 5+
in other words, for EVERY SINGLE "development" work done at ANY temple in Andhra Pradesh, we the hindus paid it ourselves via hundi either at TTD or any other temple in AP.

you did NOT spend a single rupee from tax payers.

Let's look at your spending on others 6+
Scheme -

Construction or repairing mosques in Andhra

cost: a few crores

borne by: Govt of AP i.e WE THE TAXPAYERS.

cost to taxpayers: 100% 7+
TTD paid for land at Amaravati to build temple at Amaravati.

what about muslims?

Scheme -

mosque at Amaravati.


cost to taxpayers: 100% 8+
coming to xians - who you just said are involved in conversions. what did you do?

Scheme -

Churches in every village of AP

cost: a few hundred crores


cost to taxpayers: 100% 9+
TTD paid money for land & construction at Amaravati.

dear @ncbn you gave money to muslims for their mosque. what about church in amavarati?

Scheme -
Church(es) at Amaravati

cost: a few crores.


cost to taxpyers: 100% 10+
Scheme -

more churches in every corner on AP

cost: a few hundred crores


cost to taxpayers: 100% 11+

in your words dear @ncbn "evaDabba sommani" icchavu?
[Remember the Divya Darshan trip for hindus which TTD had to pay 100 crores?? ]

Scheme -

Trip to Jerusalem.

cost: a few hundred crores


cost to taxpayers: 100% 12+
so dear @ncbn @JaiTDP @naralokesh et al, it would be good if you can keep your trap shut about us Hindus.

we paid every single paisa you guys "spent" on us. we also paid every single paise you guys spent on muslims & xians.

so with due regards -- 13/13

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This is for others with a better IQ than this single digit one.


2+ this is from 2018. By 2020 it was about 12,000 crores to Polavaram of which CBN's friend Rayapati Sambasiva Rao scammed 8000 crores. but we find fault with Modi.

3+ subset of colleges / univesities which were grnated AND ACTUALLY STARTED WORKING.

though to get into would require some IQ which Sudhamadhuri doesn't have.


railway zone icchina eedupe vizag vallaki. చర్మం ఒలిచి చెప్పులు కుట్టిస్తే కరిచింది అని ఏడిచేరకం.

bAbOru dacoit gaadu mee chamaDalu olichina "maa nayakudu goppoDu"..

5+ diyar @sudhamadhurii i know you cant understand english or telugu but just letting you know.. this is ONLY till 2018. Starting with NHAI projects now..

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Reporters, pundits, activists. Before you echo the notion that Palestinians are being "corralled into small, crowded enclaves", which is in vogue in some circles, here are some facts that you won't find in @btselem's new position paper. Read and decide for yourself.


Starting with the West Bank, specifically Area C from which allegedly Palestinians are being systematically pushed into the enclaves of Areas A and B, and replaced by Jewish settlers. If so, we should've seen the demographic balance in Area C shift in the Jews' favor. Has it? /2

Well, there's no evidence for that, certainly none in the paper. Latest UN estimate is ~ 300k Palestinians in Area C in 2013, probably >3 times their number in 1995 when the area was delineated. Jewish population growth in the same area & period was slower or similar at 2.6%./3

While good population stats for Area C are unavailable, there are construction surveys based on aerial photos. Do they support Btselem's claim? Quite the contrary. At least one shows that in recent yrs the total Palestinian residential area expanded more than the Jewish one./4

The same analysis by @RegavimIsrael found that the number of Palestinian structures in Area C increased by 28,600 during 2009-2019, nearly doubling in one decade, far more than the 18,600 built in Jewish settlements in that period, according to official statistics. /5
#LIVE Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum in Association with LiveLaw is conducting a Webinar on the topic 'Attack On Love Marriages And Freedom Of Choice'.


Watch the Webinar live at :

YouTube link:

Facebook link:

Instagram Link:

Advocate Kajal Chandra begins the webinar and introduces the panelist Justice AP Shah, Delhi High Court’s Former Chief Justice. Advocate Gayatri Virmani introduces Human Rights Activist Jagmati Sangwan.


The moderator Adv Chandra questions Justice Shah: Do the freedom of Religious ordinance of laws stand the test of Constitutionality and in your opinion, do they violate the fundamental right of liberty including the freedom to choose? #FreedomOfOpinion

Delhi High Court’s Former Chief Justice AP Shah: This topic cannot be discussed without referring to the Indian Constitution that guarantees Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and protects dignity of individual and Unity and integrity of the Nation. #FreedomOfChoice

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