I am for Afrakan-centered unity, not "Black" unity. People often assume that they are the same thing.

Black unity is the concept that people unify with anybody who has Black skin; as a result, they often find themselves uniting with people who are Eurasian Supremacists (since 95% of Black people are devout Eurasian supremacists) and if you unify with them they will only lead…
…you to their Eurasian master. Most activist in the Black population only preach Black unity, which is why we are not able to develop anything.

This was the same problem with Nkrumah's Pan-African unity.
It resulted in exploitation of the concept by Arabs, Asiatic "Berbers," Chinese and Indians, and even Europoids.

Afrakan-centered unity is distinct from Black unity because it requires the Black person to be Afrakan-centered.
This safeguards the unity because they don't just have skin in common, but common understanding. This is essential because in order to build something we have to have a common understanding of what we are building, why, and for whom.
That common understanding is absent from "Black" unity movements because there are too many varying agendas, most of which are focused on Eurasiancentric rewards.
I know this is very taboo to talk about in our population because we want our race to unite, but you are being quixotic and naive if you believe that a pale Jesus worshipping Black, a beige Arab worshipping Black, or even an Einstein worshipping Black can ever help in building…
…a Black nation; they are psychologically compelled to hand over whatever they build to the people who look like their prophets.

This is why we have to be very clear about what Black people we are unifying with.
The interrupter will tell you that you're not being about unity but the truth is, for something to unify, it must distinguish itself from that which is not a part of the unifying whole. This requires more than racial unity but also a united consciousness.
What empowered the Europoids was their racial unity but ALSO religious unity (Christianity). This is why they fought with other pale races that look like them but did not agree to the religious unity.
Many Muslims, such as Turks and Iranians, do not look much racially different than Greeks or Italians, yet they are enemies to Europoids because they won't abide by religious unity with Europoids.
The Europoid Jew, who is just as pale as any Europoid, was oppressed only because they would not unify with the larger Europoid religious ideology.
The only reason Jews were allowed to be is because their Europeaness was necessary for the Christians to continue the promotion of a Europoid looking Jesus.
At the end of the day, it has been the Afrakan descendants acceptance of any Black that has prevented us from uniting with the right Blacks.
You throw all the fruit you gather into a basket without eliminating the ones that are bad, you will end up with a basket full of all bad fruit because one can spoil all.

(Kushite Pharaoh Natakamani, Meroitic Dynasty.
Altar of Smai Taui with Heru and Tehuti.)

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