Where does it say in the state constitutions of the states of PA, MI, WI, GA, NV and AZ that unless the governor calls a special session, the state legislature is helpless and cannot act or do anything?

I am researching this right now.

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I'm happy to state on record that @AllisonPearson has been conducting a months-long hate campaign against public health officials and scientists. THREAD:

1/ Allison claims that the government had been "Captured by tunnel-visioned autistic scientists" [Tweet later deleted]

2/ "It’s time the scientists went back to their labs and hobbit holes and left Earth to the humans."


3/ "The swivel-eyed scientist John Edmunds [...] These scientists are not trustworthy."


4/ "[...] those shifty government scientists"


5/ Deputy CMO Jonathan Van-Tam is "revolting".


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