Remember Trump has national emergency powers that includes the ability to send a national security alert to the phone of every American.

Also all broadcast networks, radio stations, most digital devices.

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Why am RTg this Rush post? Because @AnjillofLight_ just advised me that @rushlimbaugh is handing his show over to @realDonaldTrump tomorrow 10/9.

Playing both the Rush and Trump Cards

Coincidence the movie The Trump Card is out tomorrow 10/9.

I'm your Huckleberry. I knew it.🤣

All the Rush graphics are in linked threads throughout

Only the full release of docs can give conclusive evidence.

Dangle Operation
Sanctions are coming

Make sure you go to the concession stand and get your popcorn, beverage and candy.

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Results from yesterday’s poll. I’m inclined to agree. And this is something I’m going to fix in my next move.

As an indie maker you have a huge advantage if you can genuinely dogfood your product. Don’t do what I did and try to make a product for teams if you’re just one person. That’s really, really dumb 🙃

Before searching for product-market fit, ask yourself if you have founder-product fit. It is a humbling question but one worth investing the time to answer truthfully.

In hindsight, I have low founder-product fit with Talkshow. It’s for teams but I’m solo. It’s a big broad idea but as an indie I should be focused on a niche.

Just braindumping 🤪 Again thanks to @tylertringas for the micro-saas content on his blog, it helped me navigate / articulate some thoughts I was having.