1. Military Intelligence Contact Update: He is confirming Mr. X’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s sources that this week will be a week of release “fireworks” finally; he has the same info as Dr. Charlie Ward’s, Simon Parkes,’ & Robert David Steele’s sources saying that the...

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1. Nashville Tenn. Missile Strike Explosion: NSA/AT&T Spy Hub Targeted.

Rumor: Once “Comrade [B]iden” is put into power ANTIFA will be given $120-million in funds to establish safety command and control systems in suburbs across the US in all 50 States.

2. SORCHA: "“Deadly Force” Zone Activated In Wake Of Strike On Nashville Voting Machine NSA Spy Hub"

24 Hour Period is Over - Nashville Dis-Info Clown Show From Here On

3. Christmas Day 25 Dec. Nashville Tenn. Missile Strike Explosion:

An assessment of the Nashville explosion made by the SVR based on the revelations made by former CIA-NSA computer expert Edward Snowden, who, in 2013, revealed the NSA hidden spy hubs located in American...

4. ... cities—revelations that, in 2015, were analyzed by the New York Times in their article “AT&T Helped U.S. Spy On Internet On A Vast Scale”, that stated: “The National Security Agency’s ability to spy on vast quantities of Internet traffic passing through the United States..

5. ... has relied on its extraordinary, decades-long partnership with a single company: the telecom giant AT&T.”

This was a secret relationship between the NSA and AT&T to begin a massive spying operation against the American people in 1985, known as Fairview Surveillance...

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Long thread: Because I couldn’t find anything comprehensive, I’m just going to post everything I’ve seen in the news/Twitter about Trump’s activities related to the Jan 6th insurrection. I think the timing & context of his actions/inactions will matter a lot for a senate trial.

12/12: The earlier DC protest over the electoral college vote during clearly inspired Jan 6th. On Dec 12th, he tweeted: “Wow! Thousands of people forming in Washington (D.C.) for Stop the Steal. Didn’t know about this, but I’ll be seeing them! #MAGA.”

12/19: Trump announces the Jan. 6th event by tweeting, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” Immediately, insurrectionists begin to discuss the “Wild Protest.” Just 2 days later, this UK political analyst predicts the violence

12/26-27: Trump announces his participation on Twitter. On Dec. 29, the FBI sends out a nationwide bulletin warning legislatures about attacks https://t.co/Lgl4yk5aO1

1/1: Trump tweets the time of his protest. Then he retweets “The calvary is coming” on Jan. 6!” Sounds like a war? About this time, the FBI begins visiting right wing extremists to tell them not to go--does the FBI tell the president? https://t.co/3OxnB2AHdr
🧵⬇️1. Fb is LifeLog, LifeLog is Darpa, and DARPA is a Enterprise Run by CIA... Well... Past President... Big Tech, Big Pharma, MSM, HOLLYWOOD, DC...

Past Presidents....Zuckerberg, Gates...
All C_A... the Family business.... The company...

2. Past Presidents....Zuckerberg, Gates...
All C_A... the Family business.... The company...The Farm.... all C_A assets... most of them related by blood, business, or marriage...

3. "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst." - J. Edgar Hoover

4. diff. names & faces.... Monsters that lurk in the Shadows. Swamp, Deep State, Establishment, Globalist Elite Cabal...

Shall we go back...How far back...

5. I know these monsters... it's when I try to explain them to others is when I run into a problem.This is why I'm better at retweeting and compiling. I never know where to start... Everytime I try to thread, i end up w/ a messy monstrous web.I'm better at helping others thread.

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1. Project 1742 (EcoHealth/DTRA)
Risks of bat-borne zoonotic diseases in Western Asia

Duration: 24/10/2018-23 /10/2019

Funding: $71,500

2. Bat Virus Database
Access to the database is limited only to those scientists participating in our ‘Bats and Coronaviruses’ project
Our intention is to eventually open up this database to the larger scientific community

3. EcoHealth Alliance & DTRA Asking for Trouble
One Health research project focused on characterizing bat diversity, bat coronavirus diversity and the risk of bat-borne zoonotic disease emergence in the region.

4. Phelps, Olival, Epstein, Karesh - EcoHealth/DTRA

5, Methods and Expected Outcomes
(Unexpected Outcome = New Coronavirus Pandemic)