1. Military Intelligence Comtact continued:

Sat 05 Dec 2020
XXXXX [overseas country]
. [Our guy confirmed this info from a bond end-buyer involved at the top levels of overseas bond liquidity release when the shotgun start happens as T4B 800# notifications go out]

2. “[This is to inform you that] the historical asset operations are finally going to commence from next week.”
“Many of you have been frustrated [and] discouraged. . . .“
“This is all going to end shortly.“
3. “[The Claim that] the start [will be] delayed to January 2021 . . . is completely false. Just as is the information that things have started already which is also incorrect.“
. [Our guy added that money HAS been moving into accounts but he agrees that the shotgun liquidity...
4. ... release has NOT started YET.]
“We work directly with those in charge of this entire operation and have most accurate and direct information on this subject. This is also why we all are under gag order/blackout for the last weeks...
5. ... (as this is also a military/secret operation and diplomatic mission).“
“We can assure you that there is no intention for any delays. [The] world is in a very bad situation and the start of this would bring enormous assistance to people in every country. . . .”
6. “Delays in the start of the RV process/historical asset operations/compensation [have] not been connected to the elections in United States or [the] increase of Covid-19 cases (more intense lockdown) or any geo-political reasons.”
[9:57 PM]
“All this is solely related to...
7. ... semi-technical/preparation/logistical matters.” [Our guy added it’s also related to the military missions that this person alluded to above.]
“[What has taken so much time is that] Every single step in the procedure, every aspect of the operation and every person...
8. ... involved in making this happen needs to be ready. “
. [Our guy clarified this means all money in all priority accounts and paymaster accounts ready to start downstreaming to end recipient group and individual accounts globally, which state of readiness is being checked...
9. ... and cleaned up this weekend.]
“[The] USN currency release and freeing liquidity at the global level are also necessary steps which have been finalized.
. [This matches our guy’s info, and he clarified that finalization and checking are being finished this weekend]
10. “The main location(s) for the transaction meetings are getting set up. In the next few days we anticipate to have the latest upgraded and detailed summary for all the steps/procedures that we as an end buyer will have. We will be getting in touch very soon in order to...
11. ... proceed further on your asset inventory.”
“There will be lots of relevant details disclosed which wouldn't have been available from anyone before. We appreciate your patience and look forward to working with each of you in order for this once in a lifetime...
12. ... opportunity to happen.”
“Please stay tuned for further updates from us and avoid any other messages floating around which are all incorrect.
“Thank you!”
. Our guy said pray for DoD white hats, POTUS, and all white hats pushing this out, and for the...
13. ... Spec Ops missions to complete enough this weekend and for a clear runway for the green light to be confirmed as planned this next week; he said pray that the swamp is bound up and unable to interfere further (which he said is literally being done as a result of the...
14. ... SOF missions that have been happening this past 1.5 weeks). All prayers appreciated.


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