Ok. Here we are. Again. [email protected] gloom. Ya know.....POTUS never says anything without there being something coded within it. Including his short speech last night.

Anyone catch the color of the tie?
It was a baby blue tie with hints of pink. You know. Nursery colors

Because what was it all about? The CHILDREN.

So first off. When we look at numbers of missing children in the 90’s during the Clinton Child Catching and Cooking Machine and THEN compare that with the #’s of that pesky “V” from Chiiiina” ...
There were over 900k kids missing EACH YEAR during their Reign of terror... was there ANY alert or warning about an increase yearly of child snatching?


So when you create something in a lab and blame it on “bat soup” in a market... with a survival rate of 99.4%..
Any alarm or warning?

Oh just a “Pan”demic level 6 ( it’s so amusing that these sick pricks use the half man / half goat god Pan along with demic with a level of 6 to stress the pure evil in this)

I to o is 6 spaces
C to n is 11 spaces.

Demic to demon is 17 letter shifts
Wouldn’t it just surprise you that the finishing of #17 left us with 17 spaces left...🤔💫💫
How many people “died” because of this? For real.... Because we are finding out. Soon....
Anywhere near 900k?

Not even close. (Real numbers... not MSM propaganda... don’t even try dickheaded trolls)

Why were some states having higher death counts? CA and NY..
Remember. A million a piece for each cancelled Birth Certificate (even in Nursing Homes) Wonder where all that $$ went....
Right to Cuomosexual and The Newsom 2some with Auntie Nancy.
But then there’s more. Remember Q said to watch the Resignation list....

Odd. Why? Look at all of POTUS’s Cabinet resigning... wonder why..

🤔🤔🤔. Who will be on that list VERY shortly?
Listen to him again. He said it will be a “Smooth Transition between Administrations”

Not ONCE did he say “President’s”
If his Administration is all resigning... well that’s a pretty “Smooth Transition” toward Trump 2.0 now isn’t it?
It’s getting pretty damn old when “so called Patriots” are just jumping ship on our fearless Leader simply because you never were all in with Trusting the Plan in the first place. Because IF you were... you wouldn’t bail on him when he has yet to play his Trump Card.
Those of you that turned your back on him... you should seriously be disgusted with your “choice” that you made.

Because the Best is Yet to Come.

Never ONCE did he concede. EVER!

Get your damn soul searching done and quit jumping sides.

Why is RR, Mueller and Comey sometimes in [ ] and sometimes not?

Their Tribunal consisted of them in a “private AND official” Capacity.

Private....their Human self
Official....their “Secondary” self

As in their “cloned self”
Quote the Whore of Babylon herself
“There’s always a public and a private position on everything”

Sure is you Satanic Skank ass.

It’s Showtime. Restructuring 1 to 2
Good C’s will be split between the DOJ and FBI. Round the clock OPS

12/22/2017 and 1:36:43 both add to 17
And that last 17 ran out our letter count and perfect timing. 3:56.
That’s a 14. 7-7.

Synchronicities a poppin.
@threadreaderapp please unroll. Thank you!

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