I've joined the @women_make_ challenge to create and ship the @AwsNewbies "Intro to #AWS" 💨 course in 2 weeks! (I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks this month.) It's a stretch but any progress is good progress 💪 #WomenMake

This is my #WomenMake project! I've managed to snag product #100! 💃 https://t.co/hHVYxptzjb
Didn't have a moment to post Day 2 Update for #WomenMake, so here it is: https://t.co/nn7m2ZWFc5

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#24hrstartup recap and analysis

What a weekend celebrating makers looks like.

A thread

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Let's start with a crazy view of what @ProductHunt looked like on Sunday

Download image and upload

A top 7 with:
https://t.co/6gBjO6jXtB @Booligoosh
https://t.co/fwfKbQha57 @stephsmithio
https://t.co/LsSRNV9Jrf @anthilemoon
https://t.co/Fts7T8Un5M @J_Tabansi
Spotify Ctrl @shahroozme
https://t.co/37EoJAXEeG @kossnocorp

If you want some top picks, see @deadcoder0904's thread,

We were going to have a go at doing this, but he nailed it.

It also comes with voting links 🖐so go do your

Over the following days the 24hr startup crew had more than their fair share of launches

Lots of variety: web, bots, extensions and even native apps

eg. @jordibruin with