I've joined the @women_make_ challenge to create and ship the @AwsNewbies "Intro to #AWS" 💨 course in 2 weeks! (I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks this month.) It's a stretch but any progress is good progress 💪 #WomenMake

This is my #WomenMake project! I've managed to snag product #100! 💃 https://t.co/hHVYxptzjb
Didn't have a moment to post Day 2 Update for #WomenMake, so here it is: https://t.co/nn7m2ZWFc5

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1/ I have a thoughts about this thread critique of #DoctorsAreDickheads and to lesser extent some of the other criticisms I've seen or heard about it.

Thread ahead. It's gonna be a long one so buckle up or mute accordingly.

2/ First - etymology of the hashtag (as I understand it). @stevieboebi posted a video about how after years of misdiagnosis, dismissiveness and all the all too familiar to many of us experiences with doctors, she finally got a dx. (Note no

3/ At the very end of a *12 minute* video she makes a statement of support to people who have had or are having similar experiences struggling to get diagnosed and treatment. Doctors are dickheads were three words in a TWELVE MINUTE video.

4/ In response someone (not sure if they are a doctor or med student or what) said they are "personally offended" by those three words (and apparently missed entire point of video). @stevieboebi replied.

5/ At some point @crippledscholar tweeted.