India has 77 Milion Diabetics, second highest in the world!

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that can be caused by many factors such as stress levels etc.

A thread🧵on what is diabetes,the types of diabetes and the lifestyle changes needed for diabetics

Lets go👇

🔸What is Diabetes?
As food is digested, it is broken down into glucose (also known as sugar), which provides energy and powers our cells.

Insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas, moves the glucose from the blood to the cells.
However, if there is not enough insulin or the insulin isn’t working properly,  then the glucose stays in the blood and causes blood sugar levels to rise. 

🔸There are 3 main types of Diabetes
Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes
🔸Risk factors
The most common form of diabetes is type 2.

Risk factors include 👇
🔸Symptoms of Diabetes
If you have any of the following diabetes symptoms, see your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested👇

Diagnostic criteria for Normal, pre-diabetes and diabetes👇
🔸Diabetes: What Role Does Diet Play?

“Food can either promote diabetes or help prevent it, depending on how it affects the body’s ability to process glucose,”

▪️ Help you control your blood sugars and blood lipids
▪️ Help you maintain a healthy weight

▪️ Help in Preventing Long-term and short-term complications of Diabetes.
▪️Processed foods as well as items high in fat or sugar not only can disrupt the balance between glucose and insulin, resulting in inflammation, but can also contribute to risk factors such as being overweight.
carbohydrate intake in the right way is key!

No matter what your health goal is, if you do your carbs right, that's half the battle won!

As you all know, carbs can be either complex/simple or "good" or "bad".
🔸Carbohydrates and Glycemic index
Glycemic index indicates impact of different carbohydrate food on the blood glucose levels
🔹Low GI: 55 or less
🔹Medium GI: 55-69
🔹High GI: 70 or above

Low GI foods are best for blood glucose control
▪️Low Glycemic Index – foods that cause a slow & sustained release of glucose into the blood.These include all fats and most proteins.All whole grains in their natural, unprocessed form fall in this category.Also,juice fruits like Apple,Pear,Berrie,Oranges fall in this category.
▪️Medium Glycemic Index – moderate speed of glucose release.Other than certain fruits like banana,mango, pineapple,musk melon,papaya,figs, raisins,this group largely comprises semi or home processed food&dal based dishes. Idli,dhokla, dosa,roti,paratha will come in this category.
▪️High Glycemic Index – They cause an instant surge in blood sugar levels leading to a sudden rise followed by crash and fat deposition. Sugars, desserts, watermelon, fruit juices, white rice, baked sweet potato are all in this category.
▪️Glycemic index of different foods👇
▪️Graph showing the effect of high glycemic index food on blood glucose levels
▪️When you eat carb in combination with protein (or fat), it can take longer for your body to convert the former into glucose, leading to lower post-meal BS levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes
▪️1 g of prot provides 4cal,same as carbs, it reduces the cal intake by providing satiety,which also helps in BS control

▪️A low prot diet leads to muscle los which increases the risk of falls&fracture in elderly diabetics

▪️Low muscle mass is a contributor to insulinresistance
▪️People mistake going low-carb& high protein without focusing on healthy fat

▪️Your body needs good fats as these are precursors to your hormones, including insulin which is crucial to maintaining your BS levels

▪️Add good fat like quality nuts,seeds,&cold-pressed oils
🔸Diabetes: What Is a Healthy Diet?
A healthy diet for diabetes is virtually the same as a healthy diet for anyone.

Low carb, high protein, and good fats

When you go low-carb, you also need to make sure that you balance it out with quality proteins and fats.
🔸Dietary Guidelines
▪️Avoid sugar honey and jaggery in the diet

▪️Avoid fruit juices, coconut water, and sugarcane juice.

▪️ Restrict the amount of salt in the diet

▪️Restrict the amount of oil to 3-4tsp/day i.e. ½ litre oil/person/month.
▪️Avoid deep fried foods.

▪️Include more amount of fruits and vegetable in your diet.

▪️ Steaming, boiling, poaching, pressure cooking, grilling should be preferred method of cooking.
▪️Avoid Fruit juices instead prefer whole fruit

▪️ Avoid all kinds of processed food like chips, biscuits,ready to eat food items.

▪️ Limit the use of refined flour& products made up of refined flour like: Bread,pav, biscuit,toast.

▪️Avoid carbonated&sweetened beverages
Diabetes is a disease that plagues millions around the world.

It is a lifestyle disease!

I have shared few tips to manage a diabetes

Not to forget along with all these dietary changes, your stress levels, sleep pattern and exercise will play an equally imp role.

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