21 habits that will make you more money than you need.

1. Deep work (minimum 4 hours undistracted first thing in the morning).

2. Limit distractions, social media, toxic people, and unproductive meetings.

3. Show up daily (no matter how you feel).
4. Keep track of your time. Eliminate things that waste it (screen time, eating, sleeping, chilling) It all adds up...

5. Implementing good workout habits. (Helps build discipline).

6. Don't just do things to please people you don't like. (Just say no).
7. Have a set routine, wake up and sleep at the same time daily. (Helps with energy and productivity).

8. Plan the night before, to start off the next day on the right foot.

9. Take a day off, to stand back, relax and see the big picture. (Personally | love to take Sundays off)
10. Work in an environment that is clean and distraction free. (Induces flow state even faster).

11. Fuel your body and mind with the best of the best. (Unhealthy foods make you lethargic and tired).

12. Do not break focus, master one thing before moving to the next.
13. Track everything, Sleep, Workouts, Money, Better decisions are made when you are in control.

14. Delayed gratification. Everything truly worthwhile takes time, don't rush the process.

15. Approach every task with the same intent and intensity.
19. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself

20. Always seek to network with "more" successful people than you and mastermind with them.

21. Cut down your deadlines by 50% and see how much more work you get done. Procrastination is a silent killer.
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$7.5k -> $300k in 4 weeks.

A *thread* of as much alpha as I can pack in on the process, discipline and conditions required for pulling this off.

There's hopefully some helpful snippets or thought processes you can take away from this.

Survive, and wait for opportunity.


Originally I covered off some points in this initial thread on hitting $225k, I hit $300k a week or so later but it was also right in the middle of the collapse, didn't feel like the timing was right to throw this out

One of my edges is knowing when to be in the market, when not to be in the market and when to push down the accelerator on


Everything is around timing. The market is designed to punish you by playing on your emotions.

Volatility = Emotion.

Many people find themselves trading in times that they shouldn't be trading, and being paralyzed in the times they should be trading.

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🌺कैसे बने गरुड़ भगवान विष्णु के वाहन और क्यों दो भागों में फटी होती है नागों की जिह्वा🌺

महर्षि कश्यप की तेरह पत्नियां थीं।लेकिन विनता व कद्रु नामक अपनी दो पत्नियों से उन्हे विशेष लगाव था।एक दिन महर्षि आनन्दभाव में बैठे थे कि तभी वे दोनों उनके समीप आकर उनके पैर दबाने लगी।

प्रसन्न होकर महर्षि कश्यप बोले,"मुझे तुम दोनों से विशेष लगाव है, इसलिए यदि तुम्हारी कोई विशेष इच्छा हो तो मुझे बताओ। मैं उसे अवश्य पूरा करूंगा ।"

कद्रू बोली,"स्वामी! मेरी इच्छा है कि मैं हज़ार पुत्रों की मां बनूंगी।"
विनता बोली,"स्वामी! मुझे केवल एक पुत्र की मां बनना है जो इतना बलवान हो की कद्रू के हज़ार पुत्रों पर भारी पड़े।"
महर्षि बोले,"शीघ्र ही मैं यज्ञ करूंगा और यज्ञ के उपरांत तुम दोनो की इच्छाएं अवश्य पूर्ण होंगी"।

महर्षि ने यज्ञ किया,विनता व कद्रू को आशीर्वाद देकर तपस्या करने चले गए। कुछ काल पश्चात कद्रू ने हज़ार अंडों से काले सर्पों को जन्म दिया व विनता ने एक अंडे से तेजस्वी बालक को जन्म दिया जिसका नाम गरूड़ रखा।जैसे जैसे समय बीता गरुड़ बलवान होता गया और कद्रू के पुत्रों पर भारी पड़ने लगा

परिणामस्वरूप दिन प्रतिदिन कद्रू व विनता के सम्बंधों में कटुता बढ़ती गयी।एकदिन जब दोनो भ्रमण कर रहीं थी तब कद्रू ने दूर खड़े सफेद घोड़े को देख कर कहा,"बता सकती हो विनता!दूर खड़ा वो घोड़ा किस रंग का है?"
विनता बोली,"सफेद रंग का"।
तो कद्रू बोली,"शर्त लगाती हो? इसकी पूँछ तो काली है"।