When drag queens were their own little subculture, no one cared. Trying to "normalize" them on kids was your mistake. You got greedy

When normal people have been reasoned into abnormality, you have to reason them back from it, step by step. Starting with the most abnormal parts.

People find drag queens in schools very very weird. It's not because there's something wrong with *the people*.

Finding solutions to all these other problems isn't just a matter of voting in a new guy. That's what we tried with Trump. How did the Drag Queen Party react to that?
Wait, you mean they mobilized their entire cultural behemoth to lie, impeach, and fortify all of democracy against his reelection, replacing him with CGIden, the guy running all of these disasters you're complaining about now?
You're complaining about all the outcomes of that ideology

But you're suddenly very, very afraid that normal people are starting to reject the culture that ideology comes bundled with?
The one comes with the other. Maybe there was a moment you could have drag queens on mainstream TV *and* cheap gas, but I'm afraid the ideological logic that then led to Drag Queen Library Hour has closed the brief period—what was it, a whole 10, 15 years?—where that was possible
People are starting to understand that "live and let live" doesn't result in that in the slightest

It was an ideological dead-end, that created a culture they wanted no part of, one that they now actively want out of
Recognizing this doesn't mean people don't *also* care about inflation, the economy, weird wars, $10 gasoline, all the rest of it

What it means is that people are finally starting to understand that these failing material outcomes are directly linked to failing cultural outcomes
This link means that to undo the material failures requires undoing the cultural failures along with them.

There is no way around this. That's why you're getting upset now. Because people are starting, finally, to see, think, and act like they feel this, down in their bones.

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