Get a lot of questions like this about how to target e-commerce brands on LinkedIn to sell your agency services.

If that sounds like you... here's how you do it.



Step 1: Sign up for a free 30 day trial Sales Nav account

Step 2: Use this search to start with

Assuming you want to target US brands and smaller size companies - adjust these if not.

The key is to search for companies using SHOPIFY
Step 3: Want to sub-niche further?

Add 'beauty' as a keyword to refine your list accordingly

Rinse and repeat for as many niches as you want
Step 4:

Select the Accounts (companies) you want to target then click 'view current employees'
Step 5:

Add in job titles to filter further as needed


Now scrape this list using your favourite tool and outreach away...

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I like this heuristic, and have a few which are similar in intent to it:

Hiring efficiency:

How long does it take, measured from initial expression of interest through offer of employment signed, for a typical candidate cold inbounding to the company?

What is the *theoretical minimum* for *any* candidate?

How long does it take, as a developer newly hired at the company:

* To get a fully credentialed machine issued to you
* To get a fully functional development environment on that machine which could push code to production immediately
* To solo ship one material quanta of work

How long does it take, from first idea floated to "It's on the Internet", to create a piece of marketing collateral.

(For bonus points: break down by ambitiousness / form factor.)

How many people have to say yes to do something which is clearly worth doing which costs $5,000 / $15,000 / $250,000 and has never been done before.

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Let’s do another, this one to Senate Intel. Question: “Were you or CEO Mark Zuckerberg aware of the hiring of Joseph Chancellor?"
Answer "Facebook has over 30,000 employees. Senior management does not participate in day-today hiring decisions."

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