Listing out various VARIANTS of #920 #straddles .
1. Plain vanilla Variant
Enter straddle at 9.20 with sl on each leg and square-off at 3.15


2. Time Variant
Enter at different time instead of 920 like 930, 945 , 100 letting market to settle down

3. Tripple Stradlle Variant
Enter atm , atm+strike, atm-strike at 920
4. Rolling Variant
Enter at 920, roll the strike as the market moves
5. Pyramid Variant
Add more quantity once the trade is in your favour

6. MoneyBack Variant
Book partial quantity and continue with remaining quantity till eod

7. Agile Variant
Start with straddle(non directional) convert to strangle (semi directional ) and convert to naked call/put selling ( fully directional) in the direction of market
8. Trailing Variant
Set SL based on total premium Recieved and trail the overall sl as the trade moves in your favour

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These past few days I've been experimenting with something new that I want to use by myself.

Interestingly, this thread below has been written by that.

Let me show you how it looks like. 👇🏻

When you see localhost up there, you should know that it's truly an experiment! 😀

It's a dead-simple thread writer that will post a series of tweets a.k.a tweetstorm. ⚡️

I've been personally wanting it myself since few months ago, but neglected it intentionally to make sure it's something that I genuinely need.

So why is that important for me? 🙂

I've been a believer of a story. I tell stories all the time, whether it's in the real world or online like this. Our society has moved by that.

If you're interested by stories that move us, read Sapiens!

One of the stories that I've told was from the launch of Poster.

It's been launched multiple times this year, and Twitter has been my go-to place to tell the world about that.

Here comes my frustration.. 😤
Handy guide for Dominic Raab and other Brexiteers, and for anyone keen to replace our EU trade with trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms...

You can't magic away the vast distances involved. Clue: we fly in only 1/192th of our trade compared to the amount that arrives via sea

But even if you invented a teleporter tomorrow, WTO terms are so bad, so stacked against us, that a no-deal Brexit will be a total economic disaster

And while the Brexiteers fantasise, real jobs are being lost, investments are drying up, companies are moving assets to the EU27 or redomiciling. All already happened and happening right now, not in some mythical

Of course, there are many, many myths that Brexiteers perpetuate that are total fiction. You've seen a couple of them already. The thread below busts a whole lot