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If you have a spiritual practice, this would be a good time to double down on it.

If you don’t have a spiritual practice, this wouldn’t be the worst time to start one.


Thread on why

Do yr spiritual practice. Even when you don't feel like it.

“Hardly does our head begin to ache than we stop going to choir, which won’t kill us either. We stay away 1 day bc our head ached, another bc it was just now aching & 3 more so that it won’t ache again.” Teresa of Avila

Ok: a spiritual practice. Something that you do regularly, and if you do it with the right intention, can transform your relationship to yourself, other people, the world and your place in it and (if this resonates with you) the divine.

Prayer. Meditation. But also: making art. Walks in nature. Going running, for some people. I wrote a whole entire book on parenting as a spiritual practice. Intention matters.

You don’t have to be religious to have one.
Pick a thing to do and when you’ll do it. Start small but assume you’re doing it every day.

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Like: set an alarm to remind you to sit meditation on your lunch break. Assume 3 mins every day (use your phone timer!) until you feel ready to move it to 5 min, 10 min, 20 mins.

Or: set the alarm to remind you to write three stream of consciousness pages longhand (google “morning pages”) during the time you would usually be drinking coffee and reading the news/messing on social media in the AM.

Or: Decide you’ll get up 10 mins earlier to pray, you’ll start with saying the Sh’ma, then in a month add the blessings before and after, then in a month add the Amidah after (and/or whatever prayer sequence from your tradition).

Or whatever works for you at whatever time.

Though I very much recommend making it a morning practice if you can/if that works for your biorhythms because there’s something to be said for a) starting your day by brushing your soul and