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5 Micro Skills That Will Improve Your Life Drastically

// A THREAD //

Even the small things compound over time... and become huge.

And they become HUGE.

This is the list of small skills that will improve your life A LOT over time, you can't even imagine how much... before you give it a try.

I'll present the skills in form of mini challenges.

1. Type with all ten fingers 10 days - 10 mins in the morning.

Most of us spend a lot of our time behind the computer typing.

Yet, not many people know how to write with all ten fingers —> drastically faster.

You can learn it for free here:

2. Make at least one Zap

Zappier allows you to make micro workflows between the applications you use.

Let's say you have to calendars (work and normal) and you want to sync them all the time —> Zappier

2b. You send an email every month remind your customers to pay the maintenance fee + reminder them if they won't —> Zappier

You want an email notification every time someone edits a Google sheet —> Zappier

Basic version is free. @zapier
20 Most Important Lesson of 2020

// A THREAD //

It was a fast and weird year.

The year of change.

My life changed a lot and I learned even more.

Here are the 20 most important lessons - which will shape the upcoming decade for me.

1. Systems Are Better Than Goals

In the past, I failed many of my goals.

This year I've realized that it could be caused by the fact that they were goals, not systems.

Thanks, @ScottAdamsSays for helping me realize this.

Short article on the topic:

2. Use Notion More

@NotionHQ is definitely the most useful tool I've discovered this year.

I use it for:

- Twitter
- Freelance CRM
- Content Creation
- Website project management

And for personal use, it's completely free.

3. Email Is Immortal

This year we saw on social sites:

- Shadow bans
- Normal bans
- Decreasing reach (e.g. during the presidential election)

That's why I believe building an independent audience e.g. email list is mandatory.