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A few thoughts on this sad development 👇👇

20 academics criticizing an paper is fine; good science, really

10000+ hate mail for studying schools in Sweden is insane

Anonymous docs/ prof (hiding in faceless accts) on twitter smearing researchers is insane

In April 2020, @jflier and I saw this coming

We saw increasingly heated and personal attacks against scientists merely for having a range of views on COVID19 (PS there is no playbook/ right ans)

Tying science to naked politics was also bad idea, we

Yet, repeatedly that is what happened. Twitter 'experts' displayed an absolute intolerance to other views

Folks who disagreed weren't just wrong, they were malicious actors spreading "disinformation"

Really? Someone worked for 25 years as faculty to suddenly spread lies?

Disinformation has been so misused that it has lost meaning.

I recently saw an ID doc & lab researcher in the UK be accused of spreading "disinformation"

hahah, get outta here, you are trying to say "i disagree" but your keyboard is broken

Personal attacks have become so bad that I have seen a lab researcher accuse a doctor of wanting to engage in inappropriate relationships with patients due to diverging views on vaccine messaging

Seriously? It was a low point even for twitter
From 🇪🇺: One of the three German politicians vying to lead Merkel’s CDU party became the first major European voice to link today’s mass arrests in Hong Kong with the EU-China investment deal.

A prominent critic of the deal in the European Parliament asked: “Democracy in HK is dying before our eyes, and the priority of our dear European leaders is to sell us their investment agreement with Beijing. How can we be so out of time?”

Interesting take

EU Commission spokesman @MamerEric defended the bloc’s decision to reach an investment deal, and added the need to engage China on issues like climate change, when asked about the impact of the human rights situation in Hong Kong on EU-China relations.

“The coordinated arrest of over 50 pro-democracy activists on accusations of subversion under the National Security Law sends a signal that political pluralism is no longer tolerated in Hong Kong. The EU calls for the immediate release of those arrested,” @ExtSpoxEU says.
A thread on the WEF elites Fourth Industrial Revolution , agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable development goals and human destiny

The true face of the @WEF Green Revolution - think they really care about Black Lives ?

This is the human cost of your electric car.

This is what they are doing to indigenous people in name of protection of biodiversity through false science they fund as @StephenCorrySvl of @Survival organization to protect indigenous peoples rights explains.
You can see how media inc BBC involved in this racist

imperialist elitist agenda , linked to notion uber rich white urban people, (often representing Multinational corporations whose profits result from unprecendeted eco damage) better guardians of nature than those who have stewarded the land well re biodiversity for centuries

Idea of unelected elites- Corporations 'experts' & State, planning economy, land, resources & human 'wellbeing' (Swastika means just that) has another name it has been tried before, and had that 'GREEN' saviour complex at heart of it: was called

Despite obsession moral sanctimony, obsession altrusitic notions 'enlightenment' of Eastern mysticism, animal rights, ideas 'transhumanist' future of human race, concern about 'population', manifested as most evil period of human history, & corrupt science & doctors helped it
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Long-thread: A Sunday morning well-spent exploring Lahore’s Orange-line Light-rail metro train with @gulraizkhan.

One thing I can tell about the experience is that it was in nowhere any less than the best Metros in the developed West.

This project will remain divisive, and in no way I intend on converting anyone. Skip.

Neither will its utility increase nor decrease by this Twitter cost-benefits blabbering.

What I am truly happy about is that Orangeline is owned and being used by those who need it the most.

The cars we use have a Heater & AC. The new ones also have a cabin filter against pollution. They harm everyone outside but user is safe inside. Then cars also cause congestion and accidents.

We don’t realise it while driving, but navigating spaces is important for everyone.

We know that cars, which serve less than 20% of all trips, are bad for our cities. Yet they have been getting disproportionately higher share in budgets in the form of allocations for Road in Transport spending.

A mass transit project flips this equation.

There is also very real loss that construction works of the project caused, which, we, as bystanders, cannot fully understand.

We need to move to inclusive infrastructural planning, rather cold-hearted bureaucratic logic which dictates that who
With historical Data and explanations, I will want to DISAGREE with what you said here ma'am Or at Least Reframe what you said because what you said can be used to refer to a lot of scenarios.

Who are the "Citizens of Nigeria" you claim are not ready because they are...

Not demanding good governance?.

If by this you mean the Vast majority of Nigerians that are in the lower class should demand for good governance, then I hope you know this can never be effective.


It is virtually impossible for the lower class citizens to gather and...

Demand for good governance. What do they know that they want to demand? The few among them that are "enlightened" will have their voices drown out by the many that are not. I hope you know that there will always be the ignorant, evil men (hired assassin, political thugs) and also

Good men, the proportion of good men to the ignorants and evil men in this social class is low. Therefore l, gathering to something meaningful will be low.

How will they even gather? Through elections? I also hope you know that the wicked political leaders will not just fold...

Their arms and not defend their rulership from being overthrown. They will surely sow misinformation, spread lies aimed at misleading the masses. This particular social class, that are also numerous will be easy to swallow such lies and cajoled. Buhari was sold to us as a...
It has been 60 days since @AbiyAhmedAli declared #WarOnTigray. 60 days on, the war still rages across Tigray & the region is still under almost full communication, banking and transport block out. From the limited info that comes out, millions of people are starving 1

due to lack of access to power, cash to buy supplies as banks are still closed and bank accounts every Tigrayan suspended, & absence of trade activities. UNICEF reports that more than 2m children in Tigray are completely cut off from humanitarian assist 2

Civilians killed and displaced: According to UN-OCHA, there are reportedly over a million internally displaced people with no humanitarian assistance. Families in their hundreds of 1000s are separated. We also hear that supplies of humanitarian assistance are deliberately

curtailed by the regime. Despite Eth-UN agreements to allow unfettered humanitarian access, areas outside Mekelle are inaccessible for humanitarian actors.

Ethnic profiling: travel restrictions have been placed on #Tigrayans across #Ethiopia.

Tigrayans across Ethiopia face #ethnicprofiling in their workplaces (many have been laid off or told to stay at home, mostly without pay), their homes are arbitrarily searched, are constantly harassed & arrested by security forces.

Impoverishing Tigray: