The @the_hindu has reputation? No. That's not true. Oh Wait I am not saying this, Denmark ambassador to india says this.

@nramind @the_hindu The reputation of The Hindu is good that they printed a MEME against UP CM Yogi Adityanath as a poster of BJP TamilNadu welcoming him.
@nramind @the_hindu The Hindu appointed Nita Ambani as a professor of BHU but sadly Nita Ambani was not like Nidhi to fall for it.
Reputation? 😂😂
@nramind @the_hindu Congratulations on getting Certified as Fake News spreader. That's some legacy 😂
@nramind @the_hindu @the_hindu turned a clash between BJP and RLD supporters to between BJP supporters and Farmer just to prove that BJP is against farmer.
Reputation? 🤔
@nramind @the_hindu By the way why did @the_hindu delete this video? 🤔
Oh he was shown FACTS, like you are being now 😎😂
@nramind @the_hindu Legacy of @the_hindu thrashed by Zee News. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
@nramind @the_hindu Taking legacy of The Hindu ahead, The Hindu's magzine published an article that Hindutva Mob attacked christain. But sadly these fake news was already busted 10 days before The Hindu published it. Reputation 😂

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