@varinder_bansal I think this sector will boom . Many oil psu has built tankers to store ethanol .Plus internationally sugar supply is affected due to brazil frost, in International market ethanol price will go up and force brazil to make more ethanol which will decrease sugar supply.

@Vivek_Investor @varinder_bansal Now this depends on which type of process (c/b/juice) is used for ethanol production but eventually making ethanol will be big play so sugar will be sacrificed. And sugar stock is decreasing due to this. Now while ethanol can be made from other grains as well .
@Vivek_Investor @varinder_bansal Those grains like wheat rice will also play an important role here. But major player will be sugar and mah/upmost benefited from this being highest producer.but this vehicle water issues might give a pause to party but that’s temporary not permanent.

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