Real talk.

The right as spent years trying to paint @NancyPelosi & @HillaryClinton as extreme leftists who will take your guns, sterilize your sons, outlaw Christianity, and tax you at 80%.


The far left has tried to insist that they were both Republican-lite.


Some on the far left call them war mongering neoliberal corporate owned whores.

That's on a good day, for both.

None of these charges, by either side, are remotely true of course. Not that this matters to the people putting this shit out there.

The facts are these.

@HillaryClinton and @NancyPelosi have been fighting people, usually white men, for tnings their entire lives.

With little respite.

At times they have had to make impossible choices and compromises just to beo let in the door. Most women have.

It must be easy to be some 26 yo white dude who has never had anyone tell him no his whole life to sit in judgement of women like them.

"How dare she..." what was necessary to get a place at the table. exactly what men have been doing w/o your disapproval.

Let's face it, most men suck when it comes to issues that don't pertain directly to their own self interests. White men are even worse. We just are.

Most men especially suck when it comes to women's issues and I mean really suck.

How many left leaning men fell to #MeToo?

And don't give me shit about saying "most."

You know it's true.
I know it's true.
They know it's true.

We all know.

Worst of all, most men still have issues with women in positions of power.

Right or left.

Men attacking @HillaryClinton & @NancyPelosi ?

Of course.

What I find more disheartening are the women who refuse to cut either of them an inch of slack.

After everything both have fought through and for they are afforded so little respect from so many women.

It's exhausting even thinking about it...

I'm writing this because so many of the negative comments arriving in response to my #FiveWhiteGuys threads are just filled with sexist trope on top of ageist trope multiplied by hypocrisy.

And if I get one more Sanders supporter comment on Pelosi's age or time in office?


Just stop.

We see you.

I don't care what you claim your politics are or who you voted for how many times.

If you voted for Hillary w/ your nose held that doesn't mean you're not a sexist ass and if you voted for Barack twice doesn't mean you're not a racist prick.

That is not how this works.

Straight white men wanting extra credit for doing what the rest of us are doing and they should do is an actual fucking thing.

Also, exhausting.

I love all true straight white male allies a lot.

But no more than I love any other ally.

Just b/c the population density of that particular voting bloc is so low as to only just beat out the unicorn doesn't pmake them actual unicorns.

Anyway, unicorns are just horses w horns. You might moon over the first 2 you encounter, but soon you realize it's just a horn.


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