Starting the Beginner’s Pathway thread for Fundamental Investing.

One Chadarmod on timeline posted that I’m giving gyan without having experience or expertise.

So I’ll begin with paying my portfolio performance tribute to these charlies.

Fundamentals based investing can generate serious wealth as the most famous (rather infamous) Warren Buffett has shown.

In India also we have many success stories like @VijayKedia1 @Raamdeo R K Damani Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Late Chandrakant Sampat and many many more....
Though I can't stop mentioning that both Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and R K Damani were traders in their initial days.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala still trades, he once said Traing is fun, its le fatafat, de fatafat
A lot of people (specially the beginners) buy stocks based on some friend's recommendation : XYZ le le, pukka chalega, maine bhi le rakha hai.

Few might have made money this way, but most do not. Why ?

There has to be a process.
Fundamentals based investing need thorough analysis of the Business & Company.

Here is a preliminary checklist by the legendary investor Peter lynch
What Peter lynch advised to avoid:

Hot stocks in hot industries.
Small firms) with too big plans
Profitable companies engaged in diversifying acquisitions. Lynch terms these "diworseifications."
Companies in which one customer accounts for 25% to 50% of their sales.
After we identify industry and companies to analyze further, we need to do valuation which is very tough work.

Here is a very good example of how can we analyze a company.

More from Professor

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So the cryptocurrency industry has basically two products, one which is relatively benign and doesn't have product market fit, and one which is malignant and does. The industry has a weird superposition of understanding this fact and (strategically?) not understanding it.

The benign product is sovereign programmable money, which is historically a niche interest of folks with a relatively clustered set of beliefs about the state, the literary merit of Snow Crash, and the utility of gold to the modern economy.

This product has narrow appeal and, accordingly, is worth about as much as everything else on a 486 sitting in someone's basement is worth.

The other product is investment scams, which have approximately the best product market fit of anything produced by humans. In no age, in no country, in no city, at no level of sophistication do people consistently say "Actually I would prefer not to get money for nothing."

This product needs the exchanges like they need oxygen, because the value of it is directly tied to having payment rails to move real currency into the ecosystem and some jurisdictional and regulatory legerdemain to stay one step ahead of the banhammer.