A brief thread on Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, the crazy con man who is now claiming to have hacked into the Georgia voting machines in Fulton County. 90s kids and tech aficionados might remember Jovan as the inventor of the CueCat, the dumbest gadget of all time.

Also, for anyone who wants to claim that Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (not his given name, but one he changed legally after the CueCat debacle) invented QR Codes: he did not. Like that other right-wing crazy man who claimed to have invented email, Jovan didn’t invent QR Codes.
He did invent the CueCat, a product that somehow raised $185 million dollars for a tethered barcode scanner for magazines and newspapers, so you could get ads from your ads. As I said, the dumbest product of all time. Good backup barcode scanners after they were hacked, however
Oh, that’s another thing. When CueCat was a thing, its systems were hacked. I guess that’s what makes Jovan a security expert. His bankrupt company from 20 years ago was hacked and widely mocked. He’s a genius.
In recent years, Jovan pivoted to being a treasure hunter who was featured on and widely mocked on Curse of Oak Island, because the man is insane. https://t.co/cdm84BU13K
Anyway, THIS is the man who Rudy and the gang are claiming is a tech and security expert at these Georgia hearings. Someone @Gizmodo or @verge needs to blog this because this is hilarious. Cc @reckless.
Hi LinkedIn wants you to know that he’s taken free online classes at Harvard and Stanford. Also, I found an interview with him where he blames Mark Cuban being mean about CueCat for his wife divorcing him. He also made some insane claims about @waltmossberg that I won’t dignify.
But seriously, this is the guy who is Rudy's tech expert. This is how officially hilarious. Someone please blog this.
Ok, I really didn’t want to include anything from this person but this video is just too funny not to include. Also, he says he can audit 500,000 votes in two hours. Ludicrous.

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