As promised, here is the first video of Iron Fly Simulation of Reverse buying and scalping in directional market

Expiry - 05 August 2021

Will upload daily one simulation in this week

Link to watch -

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#Learning Those who are interested in options... Here is an old tweet on gamma scalping ...
As committed here goes the 2nd "Inside Candle" strategy:-

Queries can be posted on comments, video will take some time to come.

Want market influence to circulate it to reach max audiences.

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Inside Candle Trading statergy

*15mints min time frame & more
*whenever you see 2nd(baby)candle
is forming inside of 1st(mother)candle
draw high and low of 1st(mother)candle and
take entry which side 3rd candle breaks
*stop loss - 1.someone can put sl at baby candle low

2.someone can put sl at mother candle low(both works)
*entry - 3rd candle breaking mother candle
*target - 1x2x3x of your risk

#candles could be any colour

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Share for the benefit of everyone.

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