After several calls & she didn’t pick ...about an hour later she called back to inform me that her parents didn’t let her leave the house,I screamed but babe you told me you got this that you know how to convince them, you assured me 😫

She just said sorry Baby I can’t come out

This was actually happening on 14th Febuary (lovers day) , all my friends were already out with their babes waiting for us to come join them in the park ..
I didn’t save this cash for three months just so I can be able to afford our luxury only to be disappointed by Nnenna 💔💔
My friends were calling to ask my location;the last I replied was a text saying”We are on the way”

I tried calling Nnenna back her cellphone rang without her picking up,on the 69th time I got the “number you’re calling is currently switched off please try again later response”😭
I was already heart broken not to notice I had a low battery, instead of crying in my room as Nepa was unfortunate to have cut our light the previous day I decided to go and grieve in the Mall alone.

I left my Change for the Keke man when i got to the mall & was just ..
While walking around aimlessly in the mall watching people in relationship takin photos & LOL like they are trying to make mockery of my situation.. One idiot & his babe had the mind to ask I please help take them some photo shots (in my mind , I wished their r/shp would scatter)
I went to buy Cup cake & Coldstone to console myself as that could be the only solution but after I had bought the coldstone & cake sat down to enjoy it & they tasted like heartbreak 😭😭
I had to leave the Coldstone & cake there,left to use the restroom.

Returned & sat Down on a chair thinking about my life,this thick short lady approached me saying she noticed I was all alone blah blah blah 🙁had to ask her if she’s the mall security & she said No , i asked her
business with me being alone 😠, she said she was ditched by her BF of 4years on Val’s day,so she came to the mall to feel better as she wasn’t working on that day, *me& you Dey same ship* I said in my mind.

We got talking & she suggested we see a movie , I paid for popcorn
& soft drinks plus movie ticket with the cash I had; got to time for movie they told us cause of the rush it’s been moved to 6pm , we had to chitchat for two hours till it’s our movie time , I even forgot I had not eaten any food all day.

6pm we entered for our movie...

I hungrily ate my pop corn & almost asked to join in hers cause I was so hungry but then the cold Pepsi helped a bit .... We saw Chief Daddy & one other movie I can’t remember , Boom we were the last to leave the mall it was 10.00pm already (my gate gets locked by 9.30pm)
Can’t call anyone cause my cellphone is dead & her iPhone charger is at her home , so she suggested we get a cab to her home while I sleep over & leave the next morning. Which I obliged and I was happy I was finally going to eat food at her home cause she said she cooked rice
RT , the thread if you wish I continue 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Following @BAUDEGS I have experienced hateful and propagandist tweets time after time. I have been shocked that an academic community would be so reckless with their publications. So I did some research.
The question is:
Is this an official account for Bahcesehir Uni (Bau)?

Bahcesehir Uni, BAU has an official website which links to their social media, leading to their Twitter account @Bahcesehir

BAU’s official Twitter account

BAU has many departments, which all have separate accounts. Nowhere among them did I find @BAUDEGS
@BAUOrganization @ApplyBAU @adayBAU @BAUAlumniCenter @bahcesehirfbe @baufens @CyprusBau @bauiisbf @bauglobal @bahcesehirebe @BAUintBatumi @BAUiletisim @BAUSaglik @bauebf @TIPBAU

Nowhere among them was @BAUDEGS to find