2021 Predictions‼️

Made by James Howard Kunstler


Kunstler is said to be one of the best thinkers and authors of our modern era. He’s well known as an expert in energy economics, among other topics.

He is NOT a fan of Trump which makes his predictions even more interesting.
1) The election is re-adjudicated, fraud subtracted from the tally, and President Trump is declared the winner.
2) The mail-in vote for the Georgia Senate seat runoff is disqualified as systematic fraud is revealed. Stacy Abrams is indicted for organizing the fraud.
3) A number of political celebrities, DC swamp rats, K-Street hustlers, media figures, and tech company executives are arrested and charged with serious crimes around election fraud.

4) The CIA is purged and reduced to a strictly analytical role for advising the executive.
5) The FBI is likewise purged; Director Wray is charged with obstruction of Justice.

6) Following the reversal of the news media’s election narrative (and the actual election results), BLM and Antifa are unleashed upon a number of cities and wreak considerable destruction..
... but eventually get their asses kicked by federal troops. City mayors who allowed the havoc to proceed are arrested, charged with abetting insurrection, and removed from office pending trial.
7) Nancy Pelosi replaced as Speaker of the House. Mitch McConnell replaced as Majority Leader.
8) US Attorney John Durham brings charges against lawyers involved in the Mueller Investigation, including Andrew Weissmann, Aaron Zebly, Brandon Van Grack and Jeanie Rhee. Mr. Mueller is named as an unindicted co-conspirator due to mental incompetence.
9) A special Prosecutor is named to investigate the Biden family business operations; indictments follow late 2021.
10) Stock market enters long, deep asset value deflation through first and second quarters and bottom-bounces the rest of the year. S & P falls to 550 range; DJI under 10,000; Nasdaq under 3000.

11) The dollar DXY index falls under 80 by 2nd quarter, 60 at year end.
12) US GDP down by 40-percent year end 2021.

13) US oil production (minus natural gas liquids) down by 40-percent, year-end 2021.
14) Banking system thrown into disarray due to non-payment of rents and mortgages. Federal government intervenes with direct renter relief payments. Home owners in default are allowed to remain in their houses on provisional basis (which is never reconciled).
15) Bubonic plague outbreak among homeless of Los Angeles as rats proliferate in their encampments.

16) Pension funds collapse as broken chain of rent-and-mortgage payments destroy Real Estate Investment Trusts.
17) Federal government forced to organize massive food giveaway programs.

18) Millions enrolled in make-work projects a la the New Deal (some of them of value).

19) New York City forced to curtail subway service to bare minimum as money runs out.
20) California Governor Gavin Newsom recalled out of office.

21) George Soros and several directors of Soros-funded NGOs charged with racketeering and election campaign finance crimes.
22) General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford are back seeking bankruptcy protection. This time, their assets are sold and reorganized into smaller companies. No bailouts.
23) Covid virus fades from the scene by 3rd quarter, but economic carnage remains. Huge amount of restaurant equipment sold for dimes on the dollar.

24) Bitcoin “Hodlers” becoming Bitcoin “Sodlers” as cryptos tank.
25) Woke” hysteria evaporates as Americans struggle with desperate reality-based problems of everyday life.
26) Collapse of higher education begins in earnest as college loan racket implodes. Scores of colleges and even some universities shutter; others shrink drastically in desperate effort to carry on.
27) Hollywood celebrities apologize en masse for past “Woke” behavior, beg forgiveness from cancel victims and fans. Nevertheless, collapse of the movie industry continues as, post-Covid, Americans desperately seek the company of other people instead of canned entertainments.
28) Professional sports collapse as business model fails. Impoverished Americans start-up low-cost, local baseball and football leagues.

29) Twitter and Faceback become public utilities.

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Humans inherently like the act of solidarity. We are social beings. We like to huddle up and be together.
They used this against us.
They convinced us that it was an act of solidarity to flatten the curve, to wear a mask for others, to take the vaccines for others,

and to reach #covidzero for others. They convinced us that this was for the greater good of society.
In reality, this couldn't be further away from the truth. They have divided us and broken the core structure of our society. They have dehumanized us with their masks.

They set us against each other into clans on opposite sides of a spectrum. They have turned us into aggressive beings fighting for our survival. Some of us fear harm from the virus, others fear harm from the vaccine, and yet others fear harm from the attack on our civilization.

We are all on a flight or fight mode. We are all operating under the influence of fear. We must collect ourselves and reflect on what has happened over the last year.
How is this for the greater good of society?

They used a tactical warfare strategy against us.
'Divide and conquer'.
We fell for it.
Now we must become aware of it and fight back.
We must reunite. We must find true solidarity to save our world. To free ourselves. To regain our autonomy.
This response to my tweet is a common objection to targeted advertising.

@KevinCoates correct me if I'm wrong, but basic point seems to be that banning targeted ads will lower platform profits, but will mostly be beneficial for consumers.

Some counterpoints 👇

1) This assumes that consumers prefer contextual ads to targeted ones.

This does not seem self-evident to me

Research also finds that firms choose between ad. targeting vs. obtrusiveness 👇

If true, the right question is not whether consumers prefer contextual ads to targeted ones. But whether they prefer *more* contextual ads vs *fewer* targeted

2) True, many inframarginal platforms might simply shift to contextual ads.

But some might already be almost indifferent between direct & indirect monetization.

Hard to imagine that *none* of them will respond to reduced ad revenue with actual fees.

3) Policy debate seems to be moving from:

"Consumers are insufficiently informed to decide how they share their data."


"No one in their right mind would agree to highly targeted ads (e.g., those that mix data from multiple sources)."

IMO the latter statement is incorrect.

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