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Wanted to circle round on this from last week & reiterate the importance of getting underneath the issues. Last fall, @ErinStraza & I did a @PersuasionCAPC series to highlight those deep differences & called it #ForGodandCountry.

Series started w/ an episode w/ @KaitlynSchiess on how political formation & spiritual formation relate.

Underlying Q: What is the purpose of political engagement? To love neighbor or to win for our

We followed that up w/ a convo w/ @socofthesacred on the phenomenon of Christian Nationalism.

Underlying Q: How should the church & state relate to each other? What role should faith play in political engagement?

Then in episode 3, we settled in to talk about political tribalism and the danger of "us vs. them" mentality.

Underlying Q: How should we relate to those who hold opposing viewpoints? What happens when we tie ourselves to certain politicians &

In episode 4, we discuss the call to "just preach the gospel" & @samhaist joins us to talk discipleship irt political engagement.

Underlying Q: What does the gospel demand of Christians in a broken world? Should we detach from public arena? Can we?
A lot of folks who know my first book have emailed me about this insightful piece by @DavidAFrench on how the fusion of southern honor culture and evangelicalism explains our current moment. Some thoughts.

French does a great job describing honor as an ethical system in which your worth and identity depends on how others see you. If your claims about yourself are challenged, violence (or rhetorical violence) is an ethically "righteous" response in an honor culture.

French writes, "This approach represents a dramatic contrast with biblical commands to “turn the other cheek” or to “bless those who persecute.” Instead, the shame/honor imperative is to punch back, hard. Any other approach...risks the well-being of the community." Exactly.

I saw this tension between honor and Christianity all the time in 19th c. church disciplinary records where men explained to fellow church members how they had to fight somebody who insulted them (or their mother, wife, family, etc.) even though they knew it was sinful.

I began calling it the "I know it was wrong, but I still had to do it" defense. If you live in the South, you've heard a version of it.
Hi, I'm Keith and happy new year! I'll be live-tweeting today (Monday, January 4, 2021) Cuyahoga County Council's Remote Organizational Meeting at 2:00 PM for #CLEDocumenters
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