Let Trump Be Trump Thread 1/

The Former Guy held a Magarally in Ohio yesterday. He is moving ever closer to genuine Nazi rallies. Do we care? Actually yes we do. It is the Republicans who are terrified. If you support US democracy in general or Team Blue, we say

Let Trump Be Trump Thread 2/

Some on our side, & some relatively neutral politicallym are horrified by what Trump is doing. I want to write this Thread so all of my Tweeps understand, this is HEALTHY. Trump is now damaging ONLY the Republicans, and is helping bring end to Maga
Let Trump Be Trump Thread 3/

Let us first understand political reality. Trump is a FRINGE politician WITHOUT national appeal. He CANNOT win again in a national election. His political VIABILITY is kaput

It is REPUBLICANS who are worried about Trump. We want to #LetTrumpBeTrump
Let Trump Be Trump Thread 4/

Reality check. In 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. He became President by fluke of an obsolete system

In 2020 Trump lost popular vote by 7 million votes. It was not even close

That was BEFORE January 6th. Trump would lose by 10M
Let Trump Be Trump Thread 5/

And that was BEFORE the January 6th HEARINGS, which now CONTINUE in September. That brings Trump chances down ever more

And that was before Espionage-A-Lago. Now even Fox & many Republicans turn on Trump

If he ran, he would lose WORSE than Mondale
Let Trump Be Trump Thread 6/

Donald Trump has been worst politician in 90 years in America, who inside 2 years lost his party the White House, and the House, and the Senate. That Senate special election in Georgia is what decided the Senate, and was pure Trump destroying GOP
Let Trump Be Trump Thread 7/

Do not FEAR Trump. We, either Team Blue, or those wishing for a sane politically healthy democratic USA, including many moderate Republicans - need to WELCOME Trump into 2022 and 2024. #LetTrumpBeTrump. It is the GOP now who is terrified of Trump
Let Trump Be Trump 8/

Let me show you. This neo-Nazi rally in Ohio yesterday? That is not a 'normal' political campaign event. It was a meeting of a Fan Club. They were not the local voters of Youngstown, although there were Ohio voters there. Part drove 5 HOURS to attend
Let Trump Be Trump 9/

Some who attended, are like fans of the rock band the Grateful Dead, known as 'Deadheads'. They travel far to follow their band. These #Cult45 maganutters could be called 'Redheads' (or Red Hat Heads) in similar way. Part of audience is the same every gig
Let Trump Be Trump 10/

Part of Trump's audience is PAID extras. Can you imagine how stupid that is? Trump campaign takes money from donors, to hire extras to fill seats, only because Trump ego is so fragile, he needs to see a 'large' audience. Of FAKE SUPPORTERS
Let Trump Be Trump 11/

Does it matter, the audience at rallies? It would seem like it must matter. We remember the enormous enthusiasm with Barack Obama

[does crossy thing]

But did it matter with Trump? In 2016 it did not. Trump had MORE events than Hillary Clinton, but...
Let Trump Be Trump 12/

In 2016 Trump did more events than Hillary Clinton, and overall had a larger cumulative audience but got 3 million votes less

What about 2020? Then the campaign of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris did a VERY reduced set of public appearances because of Covid...
Let Trump Be Trump 13/

In 2020 Trump instead ran a flurry of campaigns, packed incredibly close, even literally killing his supporters with Covid, like his friend Herman Cain

In 2020 where Trump had VASTLY larger live rally audiences he now lost by 7 million votes to Joe Biden
Let Trump Be Trump 14/

If Trump's 'rallies' were a real political movement, they could signal strong support

With Trump his rallies are an EGO TRIP. Only run to boost his fragile ego. With paid actors and the #Cult45 fanatics, with a TRIVIALLY small actual political relevance
Let Trump Be Trump 15/

Let me show you how bad Trump is for GOP into 2022. First, let's take women

In 2012 Romney lost to Obama

[does crossy thing]

on a RECORD gender gap. Part of the Romney campaign 'autopsy' was need to reach women voters into 2016. They SAID so in public
Let Trump Be Trump 16/

When GOP strategists said they need to appeal to women, the party then nominated - the pussygrabber

This is like the doctor giving you a diagnosis saying your liver cannot handle the drinking, you have to reduce alcohol; and you react by going on a kegger
Let Trump Be Trump 17/

The RECORD gender gap of 2012 with Romney.. was made WORSE by Trump in 2016, setting new record

That horrid gender gap was again made WORSE in 2020. Women are fleeing the Republican party

So what does Trump do? He attacked the FOREMOST GOP woman in House
Let Trump Be Trump 18/

Yes, Trump waged his war of vengeance against the most prominent elected Republican woman in the House - Liz Cheney, an EXTREMELY conservative woman, of the Cheney political dynasty. And got her to lose her primary. Because of Trump's need of revenge.
Let Trump Be Trump 19/

Liz Cheney was the leading and highly visible face of the rare bird: a woman Republican. After she is gone, we are left with the maniacs, Marjorie Three Names, Lauren Boebert (or is she Gohmert?) & that insanely whiny witch, Elise Stefanik

A 'dream team'
Let Trump Be Trump 20/

In the Senate it is the same game. Trump is waging a war against Alaska's Sen Lisa Murkowski, and there is a real chance we pick up that seat with DEM Patricia Chesbro. So this very red state is now in play. I say
Let Trump Be Trump 21/

The gender gap is worst it has EVER been for Republicans. And then there is Roe vs Wade, overturned by Supreme Court - making this matter even more relevant for Nov 2022. And Trump wages war against leading Republican women?

Yes.. #LetTrumpBeTrump
Let Trump Be Trump 22/

Then let's talk money. Campaigns are incredibly expensive, in particular TV ads. Did you notice, the Republican party is sending half a MILLION dollars per MONTH to pay Trump LEGAL fees?

Yes. The loser of 2020, is EXTORTING the GOP in 2022, to pay lawyers
Let Trump Be Trump 23/

How ridiculous is that? This pretend 'billionaire' (Trump is no billionaire, no millionaire, no thounsandaire, no dollardaire, no nillionaire; Donald the Duck McTrump is a #Debtonaire)

Yes. Trump is BLACKMAILING the GOP. If they do not pay, he announces
Let Trump Be Trump 24/

That should tell you EVERYTHING about why we want to #LetTrumpBeTrump. The GOP is so horrified of Trump announcing he is running in 2024, now in 2022, that they are paying Trump half a million per month in EXTORTION fees !!! He is THAT bad TO THEM. Yes
Let Trump Be Trump 25/

Did you notice, the GOP stopped sending money to some of their Senate candidates like that Turkish carpetbagger lunatic Dr Oz, and that violent madman has-been athlete Hershell Walker. Yes. The GOP did not have enough money! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Let Trump Be Trump 26/

And Trump himself? He is a FRAUD. A serial CON-ARTIST. He has scammed the Maganutter voters to the tune of half a BILLION dollars since his election LOSS of 2020. Yes. $500 million dollars. From GOP donors, to pay Trump lawyers, and interest on his debts
Let Trump Be Trump 27/

The money Trump has scammed is AWAY from races that could be crucial. It makes our path a bit easier in a tough election cycle. Trump is siphoning half a BILLION dollars away from Republicans, to pay LEGAL fees and INTEREST on his enormous debts
Let Trump Be Trump 28/

Look what happened with his Wall. Steve Bannon ran a SCAM to steal money from Republicans on a fake Trump wall. Two of the partners went to prison. Trump pardoned Bannon, who still goes to prison on other crimes. And when will GOP voters wake up?
Let Trump Be Trump 29/

When Trump's financial scams ponzi scheme collapses, there will be MANY who sent donations to Trump, who will feel deeply fleeced, and will hate Trump

And hate GOP

And hate Fox #FixFox for enabling him

Some will never vote, others will vote against GOP
Let Trump Be Trump 30/

The longer Trump is allowed to run his ludicrous scams against GOP voters and donors, the more it damages GOP into 2022 - and 2024 cycles. And THEN, when it all is exposed - many of those voters will NEVER give any money to GOP ever again
Let Trump Be Trump 31/

What about the candidates? Trump has endorsed total wacko lunatics, who often win the primary races. But are then at least weak candidates into the general election, and some are truly unelectable (see this TV fraud weirdo Mehmet Oz)
Let Trump Be Trump 32/

It is not by any means certain that most who Trump endorsed will lose. But SOME of those races are likely to go our way, because instead of a sane, moderate Republican, there is a Trump Magamaggot on the ticket, driving some IND voters into our column.
Let Trump Be Trump 33/

How about messaging? Trump is SUCKING UP THE OXYGEN from the GOP messaging space

The GOP should spend all this time attacking President Biden and Speaker Pelosi and Sen Maj Ldr Chuck Schumer (who have an impressive series of victories by the way)
Let Trump Be Trump 34/

Instead, Trump rants & raves about 'Lock Her Up'? She is not even RUNNING (and BTW, #ImStillWithHer)

Or Trump wants revenge on Dr Fauci (who is retiring, and never was not running for office)

Or seek vengeance against #MoscowMitch McTurtle, A Republican?
Let Trump Be Trump 35/

Trump is a Frankenstein's Monster, attacking his own creators. And yes, not just attacking the Teenage Mutant Mitch McTurtle, Trump is attacking Fox #FixFox. Is ANY of this infighting possibly helping the GOP into 2022? Of course not, so
Let Trump Be Trump 36/

But what about election turnout? Trump cannot let go about 2020. He keeps yelling about how he did not lose. That reminds his BASE voters, that they should DOUBT the election result. In fact doubt ALL election results. This suppresses THEIR vote (not ours)
Let Trump Be Trump 37/

Everytime Trump mentions his fantasy of fraud in 2020 election, he is feeding a fairy tale to base GOP voters, which will DIMINISH their eagerness to vote

We know it is a fairy tale like the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny or Santa. It doesn't suppress OUR vote
Let Trump Be Trump 38/

What about Early Voting? Trump keeps ranting about how you only should vote in person. This again damages ONLY their side on total turnout, and puts unbearable stress on the Get-Out-The-Vote effort on election day Nov 2022 (& 2024)
(& 2026)
(& 2028)
Let Trump Be Trump 39/

What about Covid? The death numbers are thankfully dramatically down. Most who die, tend to be those who were never vaccinated

Who drove THAT mad voter extermination strategem? Trump. Has he recanted? No. Instead he carries on with his revenge of Dr Fauci
Let Trump Be Trump 40/

Then something quite close to us here, literally, on Twitter (= 'TW'). TW is the most influential social media on the planet. I am not saying that just as user of TW for 14 years. I say so as a published bestselling author of several BOOKS on Social Media
Let Trump Be Trump 41/

Trump had over 88.7 million followers on TW. And he stupidly got himself banned on the most influential platform on the planet

And he imagines a career to continue as a politician where ALL power is derived from the supporters. Trump but no Twitter? Sweet
Let Trump Be Trump 42/

Trump tried to sue Twitter to get back. It failed

Trump tried to launch his own blog. It failed

Trump set up that Truth Sociopathic or whatever his Twitter clone is called. It is failing & about to go bankrupt

What next? Morse Codes? Semaphore Flags?
Let Trump Be Trump 43/

Trump also has been banned from YouTube. And banned from Facebook.

And a large range of the Trump sycophants have ALSO been banned from Twitter as well. This is the (hidden) face of the GOP? Gosh.. Our team is all here..
Let Trump Be Trump 44/

Trump was the worst politician in 90 years. And he REFUSED to go away

He damaged the GOP in 2016-2020. Now since out of office he damaged GOP even MORE with Jan 6th and Espionage-A-Lago

And then he proceeds to damage GOP into Nov 2022
Let Trump Be Trump 45/

But Trump is now damaging GOP into the FUTURE also, BEYOND 2022. We hope he runs in 2024, and yes, a convict or even prisoners is ALLOWED to run for President. Please do not believe in nonsense, let's live in reality, folks..

..but 2024? #LetTrumpBeTrump
Let Trump Be Trump 46/

Understand the ALTERNATIVE. If Trump were to set aside now. TrumpISM would not vanish

MAGAmadness would not end!

If not Trump, we'd have Death Santis, Abbott, Ted Cruz. FAR MORE DANGEROUS psychopaths, but devious ADULTS not toddlers like Trump
Let Trump Be Trump 47/

Do not FEAR Trump

Trump wants us to fear him. RIDICULE him. Do not fear him. Do not become paralyzed or frustrated! Trump cannot harm US. He cannot damage US. He can only damage the GOP - AND HE IS

They fear him. Let them. And #LetTrumpBeTrump
Let Trump Be Trump 48/

What is YOUR mission?

Win THIS election now. November. Work hard

It is all about turnout. We have a good cycle & tailwinds for the Senate. But those are TOUGH races

We have a rough cycle & headwinds in House but we are IN THE GAME

Fight for EVERY SEAT!

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