Hi, I'm Keith, today is May 10, 2022, I am live-tweeting Cleveland City Council's Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee Meeting at 9:30AM on behalf of @cledocumenters #CLEdocumenters & @NeighborUpCle.

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Learn about @CleCityCouncil's Development, Planning and Sustainability ("DPS") Committee Meeting.

Who is who on DPS?

The Committee is chaired by W10 Council Member ("W# CM") Anthony Hairston.

The Vice Chair is W14, Jasmin Santana.

Committee Members include

W1, Joseph T. Jones
W3, Kerry McCormack
W7, Stephanie Howse
W13, Krish Harsh
W15, Jenny Spencer
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DPS Meeting Notice was created on May 5, 2022

The May 4, 2022 Agenda for the DPS committee meeting is available here,

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Per the Agenda, DPS will be reviewing 7 emergency ordinances:

Summary of DPS's Emergency Ordinances:

305-2022 resurfacing of portion of E200th Street

306-2022 resurfacing of portion of Grant Avenue

309-2022 the rehabilitation of portions of Chester, Stokes and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
371-2022 Authorizes the Director of Community
Development to conduct an Exterior Paint Program

386-2022 Authorizes entering into an agreement with JumpStart Inc. to assist with costs related to providing technical and financial assistance to Cleveland businesses
387-2022 Authorizes entering an agreement with Manufacturing Work to provide economic development assistance for the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative Program.
388-202 Authorizes entering into an agreement with the Urban League of Greater to assist with costs related to outreach, assistance, and administration of a loan fund and assistance, training and planning for small businesses through the Entrepreneurship Center
DPS starts at 9:30 AM.

Join us briefly.
Here is the Youtube livestream of @TV20Cleveland broadcast of @CleCityCouncil's Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee Meeting,

DPS Meeting is live, a roll call has occurred, all committee members are here except for Vice Chair Jasmin Santana.

Chair W 10 Anthony Hairston apologizes for the late start and jumps right in with EO305-2022.
EO305-2022 will release funds to resurface East 200th Street between Mohican and Lakeshore Avenue.
Emergency Ordinance 305-2022.

Emergency Ordinance 305-2022: Executive Summary

Ward 1 Joseph T. Jones enquires about funding.

The total funding is $1,840,000.
Emergency Ordinance 305-2022 is passed.
Emergency Ordinance 306-2022 will release fund to resurface Grant Avenue between East 49th Street to East 71 St.
Emergency Ordinance 306-2022

Emergency Ordinance 306-2022: Executive Summary

The total costs is $1,160,000.

Funding comes from Federal, County Tax collection, Cleveland Bonds, and the Village of Cuyahoga Heights.

Emergency Ordinance 306-2022 has been passed.
Emergency Ordinance 309-2022 seeks to apply and accept state funds for "the rehabilitation of
portions of Chester, Stokes and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd adjacent to the Circle Square Development."

Far left: Steve Rubin with Developer
Center left: Doug Blank with Design Consultants
Director on the Funding phases of the rehabilitation project
Doug Blank gives a presentation.

"This image is what we envision this development to be in several year. We are well under way with the vertical improvements right now. This is the west side of University Circle looking south on Stoke BLVD, Chester is the foreground."
Site Map of Development Project

"Red areas are wide sweeping ramps that connect Chester to MLK. Folks passing through going to the Heights, commuting back forth travel as excessive speeds through here."
Mr. Blank,

"One goal of the project is to restore the City Street grid in this area and go back to 90-degree intersections with shorter pedestrian crossing, safe visible pedestrian crossing, wide sidewalks, and a combination of all modes."
Mr. Blank,

"We really envision the district to be a non-homogenous environment. This isn't planned development in the sense that all the architecture will be the same. Each street has its own character."
Mr. Blank,

"We also have Stokes BLVD, which we really envision to be our main street in this development. Currently, Stokes is one way south bound but we're going to change that and make it both directions and also add street parking."
Mr. Blank on Stokes BLVD,

"Lots of street trees, wide sidewalks, pedestrian seating options, really creating a neighborhood that will be organic in its feel."
Mr. Blank,

"Artisan will be completed next march and that the area we are focused on, that is the request for the funding we are making today for the street scape on the top."
Mr. Blank on the request of funding and how it will transform Chester Avenue into a multi-modal street.

Mr. Blank on the proposed restoration timeline of Chester BLVD, Stokes BLVD, Reserve Court, and MLK BLVD .
Mr. Blank, "Originally, we had hoped to request all the funding for Phase 1 as a whole but due to availability we've broken phase 1 into 3 phases."
Renderings of their vision of Universtiy Circle restoration
Total costs are expected to be between 400-450 million dollars.

There is a new Cleveland Public Library that will be built as part of the project off of Euclid.
Steven Rubin,

"Library is on the ground floor level. There is a canopy on top of the library. The canopy separates us from the apt building on top of it. "
Mr. Rubin,

"The apt building is all studios & one bedrooms. It is very affordable. We see RNs, physical therapists, interns, & MED students being particular attracted to it. Because we see price point wise being the lowest rent per month for new construction in the area."
Rubin on the costs, "The costs are spiraling out of control right now."
W1 CM Jones, "How big is the per sq ft for the library?"

Rubin, "When we started the library specifications was 12,000 sq ft. ... It grew, it's in the mid 20s- significantly larger."

Rubin explains the project is centered around the completion of the new MLK library.
Chair & W10 CM Hairston asks if Rubin is the developer of the new MLK library as well.

Rubin explains, yes and no. They were asked to be the construction manager.

"They direct us and we direct the contractor."
W10 CM Hairston asks if the comprehensive vision and other components have gone through design review and planning commission.

Dir. DeRosa, "Certain pieces have."

Rubin, "Master plan has been approved so has the artisan. The street improvements have been thoroughly vetted..."
Rubin, "It just depends on what we determine is the best use of the last 3 parcels."

W10 CM Hairston double checks that the master plan was approved and summarizes the costs of 400-450 million.
W1 CM Joe Jones, "Is there a breakdown of the costs of the plan in front of us? Most of us looks like it is building buildings or is half of it infrastructure?"

Dir. DeRosa, "We just have infrastructure costs."

Total for infrastructure is 8.8 million.
Dir. DeRosa, "We certainly don't have all of this money lined up for this project but phases 1a and 1 b will be funded by the City then we need to go after other funding be it State, Jobs Ohio, whatever funding. We will report back to Council."
W1 CM Jones, "Looking at the project, it looks great."

Jones asks about the library's future. Rubin explains again the new library is already under construction, project started 8 years ago.
W1 CM Jones asks if the library will own the site.

Rubin states yes, he details that the library owns the tax parcel for up to 30 ft high. The developer owns the air rights above the library.

"There is an easement and operating agreement between us and the library."
W1 CM Jones asks about the cost of the library.

Rubin knows the costs but does not want to speak publicly on it, he suggests CPL should be the ones to answer that question.
W10 CM Hairston notes to Jones that the Library project has been reviewed over the past 4 years and DPS will share the information with him.

W1 CM Jones comments about the importance of understanding these projects for underdeveloped communities.
W1 CM Jones enquires about the timeline of the project.

Rubin shares about the project and their decision to break it up into parts due to funding. He shares that, "I think it is the first project where it is an overlay district."
Rubin elaborates on the project's scope and nature, and who pays for what.
Rubin elaborates on the street design & intent of the project, "We want this area to be safe and walkable, it is intended to be a neighborhood."

He views Rockefeller Projects as Cleveland's Central Park.

"All of this is about walkability and connectability. Not just building."
W15 Jenny Spencer enquires about the ordinance specifically, "concerning the road and bridge bonds. Contextually what is the annual bond of the city and its overall volume?"

Dir. DeRosa, "About 42 to 45 million."
W15 CM Spencer enquires if the 8.8 million will be fully funded by the bonds.

Dir. DeRosa explains that the EO 309-2022 will allow them to pursuit other funding.

"All that we are currently offering funding for is 1A. ... Our intention is to go after other funding sources."
W15 CM Spencer enquires about the overall nature and scope of the project.

Rubin, "Right now, the Artisan is under development. It is 271 luxury apartments...units average 850 to 870 sq ft."
There is 39,000 sq ft of intended retail before Reserve Ct.

There is the new CPL MLK Branch library.

There will be a hotel planned.

Infill space will be parking.

That concludes the west side of the development.
East Side of development will be retail on ground floor, 4-5 levels of parking, podium for 2 buildings. North building will be another residential tower. South building hoping to be a life science office building
W15 CM Spencer asks how many units and rent per sq ft for the 2nd propose apt building.

Rubin doesn't answer but elaborates on the plans of the project.
Spencer interjects and asks again about rent but this time about the Artisan Luxury Apt.

Rubin, "$2.90 to 2.95 per sq ft. Actual unit rents a little less."

Spencer, "I wish you luck. I think that is ambitious for Cleveland. I hope it absorbs into the market."
Earlier Mr. Rubin stated the Artisan Luxury Apts (271 units) are 850 to 870 sq ft. He just shared that the cost will be $2.90 to 2.95 per sq ft.

Average monthly rent/unit:
$2,465 to 2,581

If at 100% capacity rent collected:
$668,015 to 772,621/month
$8,016,180 to 9,271,452/year
Spencer comments that the City is attempting to create "more of a neighborhood & where is the closest full service grocery store or is everyone dependent on a car?"

Rubin comments that they intended to have a grocery store as an anchor, he notes that Meijers is moving in.
Meijers will be located at the intersection of E105 and Cedar as part of the Opportunity Corridor development. It is already under construction.

To clarify, this project currently does not have a grocery store though the developer as represented by Rubin claims they intended to have one as an anchor and may still at some point.

Meijer's is part of another development about a block and a half away.
Chair & W10 CM Hairston reads the amendment.
DCP motions to move, it is approved.

There is no discussion. Amendment has been approved.
W9 Kevin Conwell has the floor.
W9 CM Conwell shares that they have held several community events & residents are happy that this development is happening. He shares the MLK library will include a Civil Rights exhibit; and iterated again the developer has donated $10 million to the library.
Documenter's Note:

In many ways this and other development may return this area to its status as the second downtown of Cleveland. The area nearby was once known as Doans Corner.
Chair & W10 CM Hairston questions if the project will return to DPS to approve funds for Phase 1B.

Dir. DeRosa shares the Clerk of Council will be notified once additional funds have been identified and placed in the project.
DPS approves EO 309-2022.
DPS moves on to EO 371-2022, to present are:

Alyssa Hernandez,
Director of Community Development
Center seat

Michiel Wackers,
Assistant Director of Community Development
Right seat

Louise Jackson,
Commissioner of Neighborhood Services
Left seat
Emergency Ordinance 371-2022

Emergency Ordinance 371-2022: Executive Summary

Chair & W10 CM Hairston notes that there is an amendment of the counsel.

Amendment has passed.
Director Hernandez explains they are here to amend the Community Exterior Paint program. They are seeking to change the model of the program from a voucher program. They found the labor requirement is a critical flaw. "By adding labor, we address the flaw."
Dir. Hernandez reviews existing eligibility & requirements and notes the program requires the applicant provides their own labor.

Their change, based on the budget, is to add labor.
Dir. Hernandez, "Looking to expand program away from vouchers to grants."

Would be based on referral of Community Engagement Specialists instead of resident applying.
Assistant Director of Community Development Michiel Wackers shares data about the blighted status of various neighborhoods.

He notes East Side has neighborhoods where 10% or more is considered blighted.
Dir. Hernandez shares their Community Engagement Map.
Dir. Hernandez has asked staff to connect any new proposal to the 10-year Housing Plan.
AD Wackers states the one pillar that needs the most work is the Preserve pillar.

"Overwhelmingly, the City of Cleveland has an aging housing stock. More than 50% of the residential structures are over 80 years old & need investment & protection to make sure they are an asset."
AD Wackers notes that it is a potential workforce possibility but adds it is a challenging time to get contractors due to aging workforce. Though he asserts it could be an opportunity to expand contractor base.
Commissioner Jackson shares that they have been working to expand their contractor base over the past couple of years and will know issues an RFP to add painters to their contract base.
Dir. Hernandez notes the amendments addresses that and reduces the barriers of access. That is the reason for striking certain language.
Chair & W10 CM Hairston enquires if this is an upside-down version of the current paint program.

Dir. Hernandez argues that the voucher program isn't doing away but is meeting folks where they are. This is in addition to.
W15 CM Spencer asks if the voucher based program would still be marketed and if this program is an in-house identifying needs based one.

Dir. Hernandez, "We don't view them as two separate paint programs. We view them as A and B."
W15 Spencer enquire who is managing the program.

Dir. Hernandez, "It is the Division of Neighborhood Services under Commission Louise Jackson and managed by Terece Denson."
W13 CM Krish Harsh asks if there is a hard cap for applicants on the project.

Dir. Hernandez and Commission Jackson explain there is not a hard cap.

W13 Harsh notes that is important as the style of the house will result in drastically different costs.
W13 Harsh follows up and asks if the contractors are required to be vetted in the same manner as the LEAD Safe Renovation Repair Process that the homeowners are being asked to participate.

Dir. Hernandez confirms this.
W13 Harsh shares that he used to paint houses and knows that there is a labor cost per foot and hopes the City is calculating the same.
W1 Jones offers congratulations for including labor costs as many Senior Citizens required that kind of help.
W1 Jones asks for them to explain the applicant process for citizens.

Commissioner Jackson explains the voucher process and the grant process
Dir. Hernandez iterates the grant is via the referral process by the Community Engagement Specialists ("CES"). She shares the focus is on the elderly and disabled.
W1 Jones asks the average amount of time it may take.

Dir. Hernandez does not have an answer yet as they have not launched the program but the City seeks to complete 50 homes. She emphasizes the new process will put the onus on the CES/the City and not the resident.
W1 Jones enquire about funding.

Dir. Hernandez shares they took leftover funds from covid and it's about $500,000.

"We're not asking for additional funding, we're asking to use the funding we already have."
W1 Jones enquires about the contractor process.

Dir. Hernandez explains the RFP will allow them to have a pool of contractors that they will rotate for each house at a fixed price.

Resident will not be able to select a specific contractor via the referral-grant process.
W15 Spencer asks about the rotating of CES, and what it exactly means to rotate through CES area.

After some attempts at explaining, it is revealed it isn't intended to be City Wide initially.

Spencer shares concerns that 15 CESs may not be the correct level of staffing.
W1 Jones returns and voices that selective targeting is problematic.

"Concerned on how we spend the City's money. We may come to a drought again and our neighborhood hasn't got any investment and will have to wait longer. ... We should do this with all citizens in mind."
Dir. Hernandez notes that this is more about process and how the Department works. She emphasizes that the focus is on the underserved neighborhoods.

"From a process standpoint we need to look at where we have capacity and where need is the highest."
Chair & W10 Hairston enquires if a CES area has been selected.

Dir. Hernandez has revealed the CES area has not been selected yet, but they have a general idea of areas of highest need.
W15 Spencer summarizes that Paint Program A, the existing program, is continuing as is and Paint Program B, is not marketed or applied for, but selectively targeted.
W7 CM Stephan Howse has the floor.
W7 CM Howse voices concerns about being efficient.

Dir. Hernandez states she is spot on and agrees.
W7 Howse suggests the City of Cleveland is "doing too much and we are not doing things well."

Dir. Hernandez replies, "Your sentiments are not lost on me..." She shares that she compels her staff to be efficient and practical.
EO 371-2022 has been approved.
EO 386-2022 is up next, which will allow the City to
"enter into an agreement with JumpStart Inc. to provide economic development assistance to assist with costs related to providing technical and financial assistance to Cleveland businesses."
Interim Director Thornton
Far Right

Matthew Kerry,
Employee of Department of Economic Development
Center Right

Teleangé Thomas,
Chief Operations and Relationships Officer of Jump Start INC.
Center Left

Lorne Novak
Senior Partner, Services & Deal Flow at Jump Start
Far Left
Emergency Ordinance 386-2022

Emergency Ordinance 386-2022: Executive Summary

Mr. Kerry introduces Jump Start INC. and their work,
Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Novak talk about the impact of Jump Start INC. on the community
DPS have received a report from Jump Start INC that details their comment in full, but it is not currently available to the public.
W1 Jones encourages that Jump Start INC. reaches out to Ward 1 businesses for more inclusive engagement. “One of the pressing problems and issues in minority communities is access to capital. … In order to get to critical mass, we had to go out there and get it ourselves.”
Jones calls on Jump Start INC. to focus on the East Side of Cleveland.

He continues, "Of the monies we are looking to expend how does that money get broken down in the program?"
Thomas, “The 578,000 represent just 33% of the total small business used to service Cleveland-Cuyahoga County.”

Jones requests for a breakdown of the funds from the Jump Start INC.
W13 Harsh asks, "What percentage of businesses that have been helped have survived beyond the first year?"

Mr. Novak, "It's a very small percentage that doesn't survive."
W13 Harsh enquires about the origins of the small business program.

Novak shares it started in 2015.

Harsh, "How do you audit your sucess internally and who audits you externally?"

Novak, "We survey twice a year. About 70% of small business return a survey."
Harsh referring to the 30% not responding, "A pessimist may say they are out of business."

Novak, "I can't speak to the data that we don't receive back from surveys"
Harsh voices concerns about funding programs for small businesses that may not be invested long term in Cleveland and may not exist beyond 1 year.

"More than the highlights, I would like to know the entire breadth of the investment and the return we are getting from it."
W13 Harsh requests a list of all businesses that have received capital from Jump Start Inc.

W10 Hairston also requests for details about what businesses have left the City that have received funding from Jump Start INC.
EO 368-2022 stands to be approved.
EO 388-2022 "authorizes to enter into an agreement with the Urban League of Greater Cleveland to assist with costs related to outreach, assistance, and administration of a loan fund and assistance, training and planning for small businesses through the Entrepreneurship Center"
Funding Amount: $350,000
Emergency Ordinance 388-2022

Emergency Ordinance 388-2022: Executive Summary

Michael Obi,
Executive Vice President of Entrepeneur Center of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland
Far left

Marsha A. Mockabee,
President and chief executive officer of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland
Center Left

Matthew Kerry,
Center Right

Director Thornton,
Far Right
Marsha A. Mockabee,
President and chief executive officer of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland

Michael Obi,
Executive Vice President of Entrepeneur Center of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland

Mr. Obi reviews the Entrepreneur Center of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, its history, and its important work in the greater community.
Harsh, “The 25 businesses you plan to assist, are they preselected or do you put out an application process?

Obi explains that Pepsi-Co donated 10 million to the national program & it had eligibility requirements. Ge said they will share the names of the companies with Council.
W1 Jones enquires about the source of the funds.

Director Thornton state it originates from Urban Development Action Grants ("UDAG") funds.

Per the ordinance language, "Fund No. 17 SF 652, RQS 9501, RL 2022-51"
2007 PD article on UDAG funds,

W1 Jones asks how much is in UDAG.

Dir. Thornton isn't aware of the balance.
W1 Jones asks if a minority owned business must have a minority own business certificate in order to have the Urban League work with them.

President Mockabee shares they will work with them even if they do not have the certificate and they have worked to get many a certificate.
W1 Jones on assistance without stigma.

President Mocabee, "MBE is but 1 tool to help you get contracts. ... Then we talk about other kinds of tools."

Exec. VP of Entrepreneur Center Obi, "Certification is but sliver of what we do. ... We certify who need it to get contracts."
W7 Howse, "What would the operating needs be if we double the loan?"

Pres. Mocabee, "For our current model we are operating about 450,000 a year. It would likely be double that if we were to double the amount."
EO 388-2022 stands to be approved.
Emergency Ordinance 387-2022 authorizes the City "to enter into an agreement with Manufacturing Works, or its designee, to provide economic development assistance for the Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (“CIRI”) Program."
Funding $499,883
from Fund No. 17 SF 652, RQS 9501, RL 2022-50.
Emergency Ordinance 387-2022
Emergency Ordinance 387-2022: Executive Summary
After several questions and requests for information from Council Members, Emergency Ordinance 387-2022 stands to be approved.
Today's Monday , May 10, 2022,@CleCityCouncil Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee meeting adjourned at or around 1:40 PM.
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படுக்கப் போகும் முன் காலாற நடந்து வரலாமென சில ஆண்கள் தேநீர்க்கடை வரை சென்றிருப்பர்,..
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ஒரு அவசர சூழ்நிலையால் நேரில் வர இயலவில்லையென உறவினர் ஒருவர் உங்கள் மகளிடம் போனில் பேசுவார்.

மறுநாள் விருந்தில், கறியில் காரம் போதவில்லையென ஓரிருவர் குறைபட்டுக்கொள்வார்கள்,

எலும்பை நீக்கி, கறியை மட்டும் குழந்தைக்கு ஒரு அம்மா ஊட்டிக்கொண்டிருப்பார்..
இத்தனை தூரம் வந்தாச்சு போற வழியில் அங்கேயும் பார்த்துவிட்டுப் போலாமா என வெளியூர் உறவுகள் சுற்றுலாத் திட்டங்கள் ரகசியாமாய் வகுத்திருப்பர்,
தன்னுடைய பங்குக்கு மேல் சிலநூறு ரூபாய்கள் அதிகமாக செலவாகிவிட்டதென

ஒரு பங்காளி கணக்கிட்டு நொந்துகொண்டிருப்பார்..
கூட்டம் மெல்ல மெல்லமாய்க் கரையத் தொடங்கும்..

அடுத்து வரும் நாட்களில்
நீங்கள் இறந்ததே தெரியாமல் உங்கள் தொலைபேசிக்கு சில அழைப்புகள் வரக்கூடும்,..
உங்கள் அலுவலகம் உங்கள் இடத்துக்கு வேறொருவரை அவசரமாகத் தேடத் துவங்கியிருக்கும்,

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