You can check out these websites if you're learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript 🧵...


1. Learn HTML

2. HTML best practice

3. HTML reference

1. CSS reference

2. Learn to code

3. CSS layout

4. CSS tutorial

5. Learn about colors

6. Learn gird layout
JavaScript ⚙️

1. JavaScript visualizer

2. Learn JavaScript

3. JavaScript tutorial

4. JavaScript 30

5. JavaScript alogs

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If you know CSS then you can use these amazing generators and save your time

Thread 🧵👇🏻

1️⃣ CSS Box Shadow Generator

- Generate CSS3 Box Shadow code for your Div, Frame, Buttons or any other HTML element with Outline, and Inset (inner) type shadow effects


2️⃣ Glassmorphism

- Generate glassmorphic design easily


3️⃣ Cool Backgrounds

- Explore a beautifully curated selection of cool backgrounds that you can add to your next project


4️⃣ Pixel art

- Create CSS pixel art, export the results to CSS and download them.

5 great code snippet websites for every web developer and designer


1️⃣ 30 Seconds of Code

- Short code snippets for all your development needs


2️⃣ Free Frontend

- Free hand-picked HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery, React, Vue) code examples, tutorials and articles


3️⃣ Little Snippets

- A free collection of HTML and CSS code snippets


4️⃣ CSS Deck

- Collection of Awesome CSS and JS Creations to help out frontend developers and designers.

Five great icons websites for every web developer and designer ⏺️

A Thread 🧵👇🏻

1️⃣ Icons 8

- Icons8 is just more than icons. You can download illustrations, vector images, music and much more


2️⃣ Icon Monstr

- Black and white themed minimal icons which looks super great. You can also cuatomize the thickness


3️⃣ Icon Icons

- Over one thousand free icons which you can download as icons or images


4️⃣ Icons finder

Filter through the world’s largest marketplace for icons with flexibility and ease. Made up by submissions from top designers around the world, and curated by the team

Five free VS Code extensions that will change the way you do web development:

1. RapidAPI Client

Fulfill all your need for API development.

• Test and consume APIs
• Work with your VS Code theme
• Generate TypeScript, Swift, and Python interfaces from responses.


2. Better Comments

Create more human-friendly comments in your code.

• Alerts
• Queries
• Highlights


3. Git Graph

View a Git Graph of your repository and efficiently perform Git actions from the graph.


4. Peacock

Do you have a habit of keeping multiple VS Code windows open?

Peacock lets you change the color of your VS code even if multiple instances are open.


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Ivor Cummins has been wrong (or lying) almost entirely throughout this pandemic and got paid handsomly for it.

He has been wrong (or lying) so often that it will be nearly impossible for me to track every grift, lie, deceit, manipulation he has pulled. I will use...

... other sources who have been trying to shine on light on this grifter (as I have tried to do, time and again:

Example #1: "Still not seeing Sweden signal versus Denmark really"... There it was (Images attached).
19 to 80 is an over 300% difference.


Example #2 - "Yes, I'm comparing the Noridcs / No, you cannot compare the Nordics."

I wonder why...

Tweets: /

Example #3 - "I'm only looking at what makes the data fit in my favour" a.k.a moving the goalposts.

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