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Fondation Merieux
Pushing the
CEPI Dialogue

Excellent presentation to see, how they, including Bancel, had layed out the narrative.
Quess, what they had specifically included in their list of targeted viruses?

Fondation Merieux 2017
Almost basking about their list being more inclusive, more emergent viruses based.

Fondation Merieux 2017
Narrative: "Look, what ZIKA has done to your populace. Nasty ZIKA."

How much of that ZIKA damage was actually related to a virus? Was there a computer guy, who had invested in mosquitos as a vector?

Fondation Merieux 2017
What is the advanges of a programme like CEPI.

And for who?

Let me translate: They want a coordinated vaccine production, with only one strong production pipeline, and solidly regulated pathsways.
Provide the incentives for big pharma.

They've made it.

Vision - look at nasty ZIKA, you surely do not want that
Mission - get the pipeline going of (only) the big ones
Scope - the anti-cancer platforms with their DNA, mRNA basis fit perfectly. They so far do not sell very well, but they could be recycled.

Correct me, if I am wrong.
80% of diseases not treatable with 'conventional medicine'. Protein treatment as an alternative with drawbacks.
An 80% market for mRNA. Yet, the vector is the bottleneck causing the limitation.
Viral V is almost a 'use once only' bcs of antibody formation.
LNP sole way to push.

mRNA Therapy - with a gargantuan market - in dire need for a vector.
Viral vectors as a dead ally until 2015.
mRNA Therapy meets enormous resentments.

Luckily, billions of people have now got first hand experience. Obviously, AZ was not that useful in the general drift.

LNP instead of a vector

ALC-0159, DSPC
"This product is for research use only and not for human use."

'EMA Zulassung ohne

Official statement by Echelon
Paraphrased - "we do produce it, but only for use in labs.
Pfizer get theirs from other companies. With them it is safe in humans."

No study data presented
A reference to GMP as 'safe in humans'

ALC-0159, DSPC


This paper claims "It is just like another fatty compound. You eat salad oil and chips as well"

No, it is not.