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This is for others with a better IQ than this single digit one.


2+ this is from 2018. By 2020 it was about 12,000 crores to Polavaram of which CBN's friend Rayapati Sambasiva Rao scammed 8000 crores. but we find fault with Modi.

3+ subset of colleges / univesities which were grnated AND ACTUALLY STARTED WORKING.

though to get into would require some IQ which Sudhamadhuri doesn't have.


railway zone icchina eedupe vizag vallaki. చర్మం ఒలిచి చెప్పులు కుట్టిస్తే కరిచింది అని ఏడిచేరకం.

bAbOru dacoit gaadu mee chamaDalu olichina "maa nayakudu goppoDu"..

5+ diyar @sudhamadhurii i know you cant understand english or telugu but just letting you know.. this is ONLY till 2018. Starting with NHAI projects now..
In the din of non stop whining, cribbing, name calling, "mere symbolism" jibes... we did, or at least I did, miss such important, life changing, and refreshingly positive news about our country.

I would suggest everyone to stop what they are doing and spend 15 mins listening to sri gajendra singh shekawat ji on air. 2+

Swacch Bharat 1.0 was all about ODF India. And this was achieved >95% by Oct 2019. A full 11 years before UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 of 2030. A towering achievement indeed. But 2020 heralded the start of Swacch Bharat or ODF 2.0 which includes

- Biodegradable and feacal waste management by turning it into compost.
- Plastic waste management so that it doesn't corrupt the environment.
- Greywater management - treating so that it can be used for non-potable uses, diverting it into soak / magic pits, 4+

used for gardens / agri.
- Treating it and putting it back into soil for water table improvement.
- Gobardhan scheme which helps farmers earn more by converting gobar into CBG [Compressed Bio Gas] [not our CBG @OnlyNakedTruth] 5+