Fake chats claiming to be from the Irish African community are being disseminated by the far right in order to suggest that violence is imminent from #BLM supporters. This is straight out of the QAnon and Proud Boys playbook. Spread the word. Protest safely. #georgenkencho

There is co-ordination across the far right in Ireland now to stir both left and right in the hopes of creating a race war. Think critically! Fascists see the tragic killing of #georgenkencho, the grief of his community and pending investigation as a flashpoint for action.
Across Telegram, Twitter and Facebook disinformation is being peddled on the back of these tragic events. From false photographs to the tactics ofwhite supremacy, the far right is clumsily trying to drive hate against minority groups and figureheads.
Declan Ganley’s Burkean group and the incel wing of National Party (Gearóid Murphy, Mick O’Keeffe & Co.) as well as all the usuals are concerted in their efforts to demonstrate their white supremacist cred. The quiet parts are today being said out loud.

The best thing you can do is challenge disinformation and report posts where engagement isn’t appropriate. Many of these are blatantly racist posts designed to drive recruitment to NP and other Nationalist groups. By all means protest but stay safe.
We believe efforts are being co-ordinated by the National Party leadership, with agitators like Gearóid Murphy, who local intel suggested met with NP leadership in Longford yesterday. The rest of the work is carried out online with careful rules, as several activists have shown.
Keep a cool head and think critically. Do not be goaded into anything online or off, that will jeapordise you or your community. This is a flashpoint and the far right are vastly outnumbered, don’t give them the satisfaction of losing the head. https://t.co/yCXiATXqZb
If you wish to contribute to #AltShiteUnmasked and have info on Gearóid Murphy (Cork), Mick Chopper O'Keeffe (Waterford), Keith Woods, Kelly & Jenny O'Driscoll (Macroom), EoinDeBara (New Ross), Anthony Fitzpatrick (Finglas) Mathew Kivlehan (Sligo) or any of their lot, reach out.
These are just a small selection of the busiest accounts amplifying the NP disinformation campaign. We would also welcome any further info on Rowan Croft, "Kenny Ireland" (Gemma's minder?) or Alex Sheridan (See below). https://t.co/lDTv7bmtkr
And as usual, Murphy has the begging bowl out. Just as he and Mick O’Keeffe did when they tried to profit off violence between minors in Cork last year. This time NP will get a cut, it seems.
"Chopper" was unavailable for comment at this time.
For further reading here is one of several superb threads doing the rounds at the moment! https://t.co/kZKcRJBH8E

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1/ Feels like a good time to tell the story of how I went from broke to a millionaire to broke again in 2017/18 again...

Yesterday was brutal for some people...

Losing life-changing money sucks, losing any money sucks...you can chase the market or you can change your strategy.

2/ The original thread is gone but you can read it here.


- Traded $32k to $1.2m
- Thought I was a genius
- Made poor investments
- Didn't conserve capital
- Peaked at 150 BTC
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2 weeks from losing my house + no income. Oops.

3/ I am going to assume you are in it for the money rather than the tech. Yeah, you might Tweet about the amazing blockchaining of cross-border payments and oracles yadda yadda...really, you are in it to make money.

If you are really in it for the tech, go and build something.

4/ Okay, so if you want to make money, trading is super hard, you are trading against:
- Better traders than you
- People who can move markets
- Unknown information

And if you are trading with leverage you might blow up your account with the volatility.

5/ If you are not trading, you are investing. Okay, so what are you investing in?

I made the decision that the crypto with the best opportunity of existing in 10 years is #Bitcoin:
- Solves a genuine problem
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