The US Supreme Court has ducked hearing the case of Trump, Texas & 17 other states, on a procedural issue

They did not comment on any recent newsworthy fraud allegations

Trump still refuses to concede, so what are his remaining long shot legal routes?

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1) There is still this dormant PA Republican Party vs Boockvar US Supreme Court case, but it may remain dormant, since the Court already indicated yesterday that it (understandably?) simply doesn’t want the serious heat on this one
2) Mon Dec 14th Electoral College need to cast their votes alongside their states’ choice (the crux of the dispute)

Matters escalate if:
i) the Electoral College is tied

ii) “faithless” electors don’t vote for their state candidate

Note: in the key swing states, this is legal

iii) the House rejects some Electoral College votes, resulting in neither candidate receiving a majority.
3) If the above long shot occurs (aren’t we already in unprecedented times?) what happens next?

Under the 12th Amendment, when the House meets Jan 6th they can refuse to approve the Electoral College votes. They instead vote on a 1 vote per 1 state basis

Trump wins that vote.
The House has decided 2 such presidential elections, in 1800 and 1824. Congress also stepped in to decide the 1876 election
According to a report by the Transition Integrity Project, a recent effort by researchers to study scenarios that would put the integrity of the 2020 election at risk, "a candidate unwilling to concede can contest the election into January."
we are entering dangerous times with a possibility of civil unrest on both sides of the Atlantic, until Brexit & US elections are resolved

These two matters are philosophically connected because PM Johnson is stuck:

Trump backs Brexit & Biden backs the EU.

Patience 🙏🏽
There’s also a nuclear option

Executive Order (2018):

“(Within) 45 days after the..Director of National Intelligence..shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating..a foreign government..acted with..purpose of interfering in that election”

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Instead of attacking those of us raising it, why aren’t mainstream “liberal” journalists on here as outraged as we are about how many senior Democratic Party figures seem to have been compromised by Chinese spies?

Genocide is non-negotiable


See examples:

1) Dem Senator Feinstein’s staffer for 20 years outed as a Chinese spy

2) Dem Eric Swallwell caught in a female Chinese spy’s snare:

3) Dem Senator Boxer registers as a foreign agent for Chinese surveillance firm:

3) Dem Hunter Biden allegedly invests in Megvii, a firm accused of helping to round up Uyghurs using A+++ facial recognition technology

More from Trump

Enough! Reporters doing it again. Both-sidesing. U enable Trump's propaganda by doing this

Reporter's both-sides question:

"What was your role in what happened at the Capitol?

Proper question:

"Are you going to take responsibility for your role in inciting insurrection?"

The press enabled the storming of the Capitol because they never held GOP accountable for pushing #TheBigLie that election was stolen

I have been yelling about this for months. Starting here where @TerryMoran got it right

But after press returned to form

Not long after Nov 4th press started both-sidesing again. Question Republicans were asked over & over was:

"Do u think Biden won?"

This enabled the coup

The proper question at minimum:

"Why are u enabling this charade? Why are u spreading

After repeatedly yelling that press wasn't demanding answers of GOP for spreading #TheBigLie I hoped this political violence on Dec 10th would finally get press to demand answers. But no. They continued to both-sides

I noted how impotent the American press was acting by treating #TheBigLie as credible. The press is supposed to hold people in power accountable, but beside @TerryMoran on election night, they by and large

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