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#Journey : 3 Years ago I quit my well-paying job at MNC and jumped into Full-Time Trading. I going to put out everything that may help you to shorten your learning curve.

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I have been called Influencer. I m happy if I have been influencing in the right direction.

I have been called the trainer and am happy with that as well as not many get a chance to teach their experience.

I am putting down all the efforts I have put in these 3 years

1) Money control Article:
How Vishal Mehta undertook a journey from discretionary to system trading for consistent gains

2) F2F :
Directional Option Selling (Which has more than 11 lac View) It's a good webinar who wants to start their systematic trading journey
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3) Fyers 30 Day Winning challenge 6 months in a raw:

This is awarded when you are profitable for straight 6 months consecutively. This will help to understand the thought process.

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