RCF Weekly : Looks good on a pullback to enter

Growth has been fine but overall sector is going good

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As I said yesterday, I will be sharing the some of my screeners in this thread 🐎

Please note Screener will help you to reach momentum but you need to see chart & further segregate trends manually (1/n)

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Screener 1) +ve ADX DMI Breakout to find out where the action is going on a particular day, you can then look onto stocks and find setups and patterns to trade.

Link -


Screener 2) Going one level more deep into ADX where we find up stocks which are already in trend on weekly

1) Weekly ADX >25 indicating the trend is already there
2) +DMI breaking out
3) Stock within 15% of 52w high
4) Stock above 200 SMA


Screener 3) This is based out of within 20% of ATH Stocks. I have also added few fundamentals to it. You can change variables according to it

Link -

Screener 4) RSI which is a momentum indicator

RSI breaking out can give you names where momentum is picking up and then you can look onto charts for buy points

Link -

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